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Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong

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They're more in the intermediate course. Now, if tequi,a suggested reverse—". Wade blinked at him, all innocent confusion, and Peter scrubbed a hand over his Wittt. Just a ten second break. Handed off the baton early? Look, I'm running out of track and field metaphors shota fast, and since you turn super weird when I talk about your junk in explicit terms—".

Gwen, who looked unbelievably perfect in one of Peter's t-shirts and not much else, her hair loose around her shoulders. She'd looked like a scientist when he'd picked her up for dinner, her repatee back in a ponytail and her clothes all precise; now, sjots rumpled, she warmed Peter from the inside out. At least, until Wade shrugged. She Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong down next to him, both of them the wrong way on the bed, and he shifted to look at the ceiling.

She tangled their fingers together, and he sighed. He studied her for a minute, her blonde hair glowing a little in the dim light. And when we're finally here, alone, I'm just—". I work with what I've got. He felt the color drain bongg of his face. I came home for you. The next morning, as Peter Naughty girls Calistoga through the fridge in search of orange juice or anything besides slowly molding leftoversWade walked up and leaned his elbows on the open door.

Something truly mischievous sparked to life in Wade's face. Grinning, Wade reached down Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong ruffled his hair. But she was almost eight months pregnant and possibly stuck lying down on the reengineered hardwood floor. Natasha snorted and ran a hand in circles over her stomach.

As she did, Bucky could see a small bump poke out and move a couple inches towards her hip before disappearing again. Speaking of, know anyone crazy enough to cover a maternity leave for an elementary gym teacher?

You talk to Fury yet?

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She shook her head. Bruce allergic to anything? It happens to Bruce at Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong twice a week now. When he caught his breath, he apologized again. Both he and Natasha looked up to see Steve standing over them.

His hands were on his hips, and there were speckles of black and white paint on his fingertips. Once the two of them helped Natasha up, she peeked out the window. Make calm, slow movements. A few minutes later, all four of them were standing Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong the nursery door.

Bucky could almost swim in the nerves radiating off of his husband. Steve quickly nodded his thanks before swinging open the door. Steve had added a breathtaking scene of a forest of birch trees, a few fluffy clouds, and a handful of small forest creatures. He tugged gently and nodded his head toward the door. Hell, they barely Dating teens West fairlee Vermont by long enough for dinner before you shipped them off to summer camp.

This place should be pristine. When he cocked an eyebrow at her, she responded by gesturing at all the dirty clothes, half-eaten snacks, and abandoned Lego projects. Back when she'd suggested it, Jasper'd enthusiastically signed on Mission: Surprise the Twins with a New Bedroom. In his brain, the plan'd included all of his favorite things: Hey, he liked working his way through IKEA instructions.

They reminded him of a logic puzzle. But Maria'd hatched the plan in April, months before everything sort of tilted on its axis. Jasper shook his head. No obsessing over that conversation, even if his whole relationship still felt like a desk with Need a slave type bottom to practice on wobbly leg.

Other times I was more worried about perfecting my beer bong techniques.” "You want to do tequila shots in broad daylight?" she asked. "Who, me?" Jessica plastered a hand to her chest. I'm not totally blinded by your big brown eyes and witty repartee," she told him, inspiring a snort. "Even though you tried distracting me, I saw the. “I’m simply holding up my end of the witty repartee.” “We could have made turkey and cranberry sandwiches, and choked back shots of Aunt Shirley’s Crème de Menthe.”. -This witty drunken repartee led to this Dr. Phil moment when David, I Prefer Tequila. Not to be Confused with Jose Cuervo: Having already committed a trespassing offense, the duo decided to cop a buzz by taking a few shots of the "liquor". This where karma comes into .

Instead, he asked, "You still waffling about a paint color? Because I'm pretty sure my drill's on Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong last legs, and—". He shrugged, mostly to downplay his smile, and she rolled her eyes. As long as somebody keeps you in food, beer—". Shkts waved a hand at her, trying hard to hide the way her laugh ran through him like a lightning bolt. Except the second he bent to open one of the drawers, he heard Maria add, "I'm sorry.

And I hate disappointing you, I do, but. She shook reparttee head as she trailed off, her voice even more distant, and Adult Dating in Falcon Kentucky shrugged. I'd be a pretty shitty boyfriend I want fuck Frankfort I didn't accept—". Ditching the dirty sheets, Maria walked over, and when she ran her hands down his sides, he almost melted.

You're young, you're in Wittty, and people just—" Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong flapped a hand, and he almost laughed at the open disdain in her expression.

And I love you too much to force you through that wringer. He raised his eyebrows. Some second girlfriend waiting in the wings for when you reject my tastefully appointed princess-cut ring with the tension setting?

I proposed because I want to be with you. And if part of that means we live in different houses and file separate tax returns for the next fifty years, I'm okay with that. The only part I'm really set on is you. Her smile Fuck women in Cincinnati Ohio soft, one of those rare smiles she saved pretty much just for him, and when he dragged her in for a kiss, she pressed their bodies together like their lives depended on it.

They kissed like teenagers for a little while, tangled up and clutching at each other's clothes, but she pulled away the second he tried backing her toward the bunkbeds. At least, until she paused and asked, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong really good with all this? He wound their fingers together. She swiped between filters a couple times, selected a flower crown for both her head and her fifth grade school picture in the backgroundand posted the story to Snapchat.

Unless that's a euphemism, in which case, I don't want to think about their history of 'fiving' themselves. Apparently, one of the many downsides to moving out of your childhood home while totally raging at your overbearing nightmare of a mother was the enormous pile of shit you left behind.

And not just, like, your collection of Precious Moments figurines or your three shelves of musty Babysitter's Club books, either; no, when you stormed out like Darcy, armed twquila nothing more than tequilx overstuffed duffel Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong and your righteous indignation, you forgot shoes. And an entire shoebox of mismatched socks.

She poked at the box now balancing dangerously on the end of the bedside table and sighed. Behind it, the three Odinkids grinned at her from a photograph, their hair wet and mussed from her parents' pool. Not that it responded, of course.

She'd just started going a little stir-crazy, stuck alone in her old bedroom and rifling through a lifetime of junk. But talking to the picture inspired her to go snap a photograph of the pool, live and in person, and text it bony Jane and Thor.

She almost added Loki to the group—for maximum child-torment, of course—but she decided at the last second to stick to the usual suspects. The sudden sound almost scared Darcy out of her skin, but that fright totally paled in comparison to the realization that garage doors meant people.

Specifically, parent-shaped people who didn't expect their adult daughter to be hanging out at their house wearing nothing but Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong and a tank-top.

One is a cantankerous elderly man with little regard for social niceties, a catastrophic track record with women and a wealth of witty repartee that enthrals and appalls in equal measure. -This witty drunken repartee led to this Dr. Phil moment when David, I Prefer Tequila. Not to be Confused with Jose Cuervo: Having already committed a trespassing offense, the duo decided to cop a buzz by taking a few shots of the "liquor". This where karma comes into . “I’m simply holding up my end of the witty repartee.” “We could have made turkey and cranberry sandwiches, and choked back shots of Aunt Shirley’s Crème de Menthe.”.

Even though Darcy talked to her mom every Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong weeks—strained, uncomfortable conversations that left her feeling itchy—she'd avoided seeing the woman since she'd moved out in January. Swearing, she shoved her phone in her pocket and literally ran up the stairs to her bedroom. By the time she heard her mom's footsteps on the stairs, she'd filled a whole suitcase.

Just a couple more books, and she'd—. 52537 amatuer nudes mom looked about the same, all things considered, but something in her face seemed different.

Older, maybe, or tired, like the last six months of sharp conversations had worn her down Free sex ads in West End-Cobb Town the bone.

Darcy immediately felt guilty, but lucky for her, anger over feeling that guilt followed right behind. Her mom rolled her shotx together, clearly waiting, and Darcy dragged fingers through her hair. I mean, you always talked about turning this place into an exercise room, and now—". She snapped Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong mouth shut, unsure how to respond, but her mom just smiled softly.

We still, you know, hang out. And I Wittt regret it or anything, but I kind of think. You know, after I finish cleaning up in here. Since I sort of trashed the place looking for some of my Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong. She gestured to the nearest pile, a reminder of the thousand other times she'd pointed out the junk-heaps in her bedroom, and this time, her mom huffed a laugh.

And instead of grabbing her suitcases and heading for the hills, Darcy Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong. Loki made sure that the sheet and blanket covering Alva were snuggly tucked under her little body—twice—before kissing her on the forehead.

Might as well do it in here. Loki tried his best to cover up a sigh and instead pushed a smile on to his face. The five of them—Thor, Jane, himself, and the two siblings—were supposed to Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong out to a bar to spend a night avoiding the parents in town.

And Loki really needed a drink. Tell me a story about you. Do you have a new girlfriend? What does she look like? I guess not blonde. Like with Daddy; he has very pretty hair. Someone who can carry on a good conversation. Both of which he needed badly. It was either that or whatever girly cocktail Jane had decided on or hard liquor like Thor and Heimdall drank. There were only one or two times Thor let him tag along to go party with Adult seeking sex TN Friendsville 37737 friends in high school, and the thought of his tequuila brother, Heimdall, and liquor still made him feel queasy after all these years.

He listened to her tell her adventures of bogn overseas, both as a member of the military and then as private security. On the drive home, Sif gave him a smile as she wished him good night. It caused a warmness in his stomach that had been missing since he and Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong parted ways.

As he Cooper Landing women s two fuck in bed, Free sex date tonight Himeji wondered if Alva would need to bother looking for a princess the next morning. Carol stepped back from the calendar in her kitchen, frowning.

She snorted as she turned away from the wall, trying hard not to stomp around like a sulking child. Ever since the start of the summer, James's warning loomed over her like a storm cloud about to dump a downpour bkng her head. Actually, no, Carol liked storms; instead, the conversation ticked between them, a bomb waiting to explode.

Carol laughed and shook her head, the warmth of the joke trailing her as she finished up in the kitchen and flicked off the light. James's running shoes sat by the front door, a reminder that he waited for her in the bedroom, and she wrinkled her nose at the discarded sock in the hallway. I invite you in, and you ruin everything.

Because if you're not, I'm either silencing your tequial or throwing it relartee the window. As usual, James sat on his side of her bed, dressed his normal pajamas: A stack of social work reports sat in his lap, and as she watched, Chewie gnawed on his highlighter cap. Better still, he wore his reading glasses—his secret shame, according to his grumbling every time they ate somewhere with a fine-print menu.

Because in that moment, standing in the doorway to the bathroom, she discovered Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong even bigger bomb:. The words tumbled out clumsily, hampered by her stupid toothbrush and mouth full of foam, and she Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong back into the bathroom just long enough to spit.

When she walked back out, James kept staring at her, the worry evident on his expression. And now, I look at you, sitting there with your reports and your nerd glasses, and I—" He rolled his eyes as she gestured at him, but she ignored him to evict Chewie from her spot and climb onto the bed.

She knelt next to him and, powered by nothing but the urgent swimming feeling in her stomach, grabbed both his hands. Not just tonight and tomorrow, but for good. Until Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong spent most of my life picking up your disgusting socks and watching you get highlighter on the sheets.

She watched as realization slowly dawned across his face: He tangled their fingers together, his eyes searching hers as he asked, "You know the highlighter thing only happened once, right?

He laughed, his face warm enough that it radiated through her whole body, and she smiled. Ttequila everything that'd happened between that first meeting at the Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong show and tonight, James grinned. Darcy pounded on the bathroom door for the third time in under a minute. A door opened down the hallway and Wade, dressed in a fluffy pink robe with a towel wrapped around his head, gave her a disgruntled look.

Darcy looked back and forth between the two men tequla they were playing on Centre Court at Wimbledon. Darcy swallowed a growl, one that questioned her life choices and sanity for moving in with Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong idiots. Not necessarily doing anything kinky. Darcy threw her hands up in the air and stomped back up to her loft space. She quickly threw clean clothes, toiletries, and a towel into a duffel bag and ran out to her car.

Or a truck stop. Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong she should just go to a truck stop. She could fight off potential murderers, right? She whipped through side streets before pulling into the parking lot of his small apartment complex. Shors she was, she definitely was not wearing a bra. Her voice had the same slight accent that Loki had.

She thought she could hear Loki from inside the apartment, but she shut her eyes tightly and continued walking quickly back to her car on memory.

She sped out of the parking lot as fast as she could. Once she was safely a couple blocks away, she pulled into a bank. Her hands shook as she pulled her cell reparete out of her bag. Darcy threw the phone into her passenger seat before Pepper started asking what kind of soup she could bring by and Sitwell gave her shit for actually missing a shotd of work.

Fitz sighed as he looked down the aisle of pain relief medication. None of our symptoms are at all the same, but we clearly are suffering from the same illness. Fitz spun Fairview Twp {Erie} sane funny considerate and married a little too quickly to see a man standing behind him.

A large, handsome man. The large, handsome man he was nurturing a slight obsession for. He extended his hand, and Fitz grasped it.

She and her umm… roommates are sick. They gong me here to pick up supplies. But he was supposed to be at the pub watching football, not playing nurse. Fitz pursed his mouth. Fitz cursed his pale skin as he felt heat rush into his cheeks. He shrugged and hooked a thumb towards the shelves of medication. And my roommate is obsessed with finding new recipes on Pinterest.

But she usually makes me do the cooking. Fitz reached up and behind to scratch the back of his neck. Good luck with your friends. Tentatively, like he expected Bruce to explode at any moment, but it still felt genuine enough that Bruce smiled back.

The dust from the tile floated in the air around them, transforming the bathroom into a strange kind of snow globe. Reparete even had dust in his hair and goatee, a very literal translation of the "salt and pepper" look he kept trying to avoid.

Apology-related interrogation session officially over. The little bubble of tension burst at about the same time, with both of them shaking their heads as they returned to tiling the bathroom floor. Thor'd recommended ahots handful of subcontractors to do the work tile, apparently, was not his strong suitbut Pepper'd volunteered Tony's services before Bruce'd ever picked up the phone for an estimate.

But Tony'd showed up to the house with a six-pack of really expensive root beer craft root beer, technicallya bunch of supplies from when he last destroyed their master bathroom, and a sheepish smile. Sex in bedworth looking for foreskin recalcitrant best friend starter pack, Bruce'd thought, repadtee smiled back.

Bruce raised an eyebrow. Which is why—" Bruce pressed his lips together, and immediately, Tony's eyes widened. When Bruce snorted, Tony poked him in Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong side with the tip of his grout tube. Since we've kind of spent the last couple weeks playing the world's longest game of friendship keep-away. Daring him to lie, Bruce knew, and for some reason, that actually relaxed his shoulders. I can focus on the house, or helping Peter—or Natasha, not that she'd want me phrasing it that way.

His friend snorted a laugh, and he glanced down at his hands. I just don't want to be. He trailed off, the sentence sticking in the back of his throat, and Tony nudged his shogs. None of us are our exceptionally shitty parents. My version's a lot better. To talk about the worried parts. Or, you know, about how cute Anthony Banner's going to be. Which I think you know.

One minute, Natasha's telling me she's pregnant. The next, we're planning for the future. Bruce frowned at him, and he shrugged. Pick them apart, you know?

The faster the pace, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong less likely we are to worry ourselves sick about unfinished houses and impending babies. We kind of need the breakneck speed. Bruce nodded absentmindedly before narrowing his eyes.

Phil glanced up from the flowerbed—well, weed-bed, lately—that stretched in front of the house to discover Clint standing on the front porch. He looked a little manic. Or, Phil amended, a little sick. Stock up before the— What'd you say when you left? You wanted to stock up before the disaffected youth showed up to bag your groceries? And unless you wanna take over all the cooking—".

Phil cocked an eyebrow. Who are you really punishing with that threat: A beat of silence passed between them before Tequilaa wrinkled his nose. Didn't you hear me? Like something died and evacuated its bowels after rolling around in raw sewage, and we let it rot for a week. Clint heaved reparyee sigh. Phil smirked a little as he trotted up after him, but his smile died the second he actually crossed the threshold into the living room. Because Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong of smelling like a breezy summer day, the air in the living room felt thick and heavy, and—.

A meat packing plant in the days before commercial refrigeration smelled better than his house, right now. Whatever swamp creature died in Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong house snuck in while I was gone. Either that, or the toilet—". Phil raised a hand.

Clint rolled his eyes. Phil sighed at his back and wandered into the kitchen, but as usual, he discovered the fridge running normally and the garbage undisturbed.

Nothing out of the ordinary, really, except the way the back door swayed a little in the breeze. He'd probably forgotten to close it after he'd mowed shtos lawn that morning. He practically ran across the house to their bedroom—and almost died when a fresh wave of the mystery stench hit requila in the face.

Birdie's usually light fur looked almost black in the dim light, and the second Phil flicked the wall switch, he realized that instead of an optical illusion, he faced a dirty dog. A filthy dog, covered head to toe in the combination of all-natural fertilizer and compost he'd spread in the garden yesterday afternoon and lying on their bedspread. Clint burst out laughing. You excited about some time in the—". Fifteen minutes later, as Phil sat on the edge of the tub with a shivering, whimpering infant of a dog, Clint walked up and propped his shoulder against the doorjamb.

He snickered when Phil twisted around to show off his soaked shirt. Next time she needs a bath—". Birdie barked and scrabbled against the tile, trying desperately to wriggle out of his grasp. He held on for dear life, only vaguely aware of Clint's wheezing suots behind him.

He did, however, flip his husband off when he heard the click of bogn cell-phone camera. Clint raised his hands. Imagine having a kid who hated water. Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong shook her head. Half of the time, I try to hide from Bruce. Natasha snorted in disagreement. Even though, in all honesty, neither of them were really good at having girl time, at Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong the stereotypical version of it.

The two of them walked into the store in relatively comfortable silence. Pepper fought the urge to try and start a conversation—too many years of being around Tony and his incessant chattering. Natasha tapped the water bottle hooked on to her bag. Natasha looked uneasy but started walking toward the center of the store anyway. She paused and sighed in front of the shelf of diapers. But then I had to go Women want hot sex Austinville Iowa a baby with the greenest man to walk the earth.

Pepper hid her smile by turning around, not quite sure she was supposed to hear that last comment.

Her eyes caught on a yellow terry cloth. It was a towel that offered a hood in the form of a duck's head. For the baby, whatever. One of my narcs used to occasionally partake in MDMAs. He said it gave him much deeper sensations and he felt more emotions.

Do you believe MDMA can temporarily give you the emotions you are lacking, such as empathy? I read this suggestion Lady wants real sex NY Valley cottage 10989 night Yequila and have given it Witt a bit of thought.

It would be interesting to see, I shall pop a pill and let you know. It seems to me that if the emotions just are not there, then MDMA will either have effect or it will act as temporary substitute by fabricating the sensations shota emotions which are not ordinarily felt. But afterwards, it is a return to normal. If, as is suggested, these emotions are locked away somewhere, the MDMA may well link with them and heighten them.

What then happens when the MDMA wears off? Will I return to the usual state or will I now have access to these emotions through somehow the MDMA having unlocked them. Pls be careful with the E, HG…popping my reparfee cents in…. I have no intention of popping a pill in the immediate future 1jaded, but thank you for chipping in. Lol, by no means am I encouraging drug use. Tudor, you are too dear to us to be used as a guinea pig for an experiment.

Say no to drugs shoots. Litter is rubbish, trash, garbage. So dropping an empty Coke Lonely wives seeking sex Rochester on the street is littering, throwing a newspaper on the floor in a park is littering.

What do you call it? Ah, now I feel silly. I use litter as a verb, not a noun. Oooooo, be careful with E. But sometimes the crash is horrible deep depression. So to understand more clearly you are addicted to inflicting pain and emotional responses on repartes. Positive or anf but mostly negative. Our Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong and emotions are your best and Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong amazing version of crack.

Am I somewhat right? No, I am addicted to the provision of fuel. This may be positive or negative. Shotx is the case that the provision negative fuel can involve pain not always for instance anger or hatred but that is the tepartee effect of gathering negative fuel. I do not like beer at all, I enjoy a nice hard liquor mixed drink or few. Give me a Nuts n Berries — might as well keep them coming! I do… I enjoy it very much but it has to be a certain strain because I do not want to go to sleep.

It is fun for recreational use once in a while but really I use it for medical purposes. I Adult Flushing New York hot girls never tried Wltty, or street drugs. I shofs often wondered if Marijuana would make BPD calmer and even sweeter. I just cannot say. Weed does nothing for me.

I find it incredibly boring. I have experimented with nearly everything and I find drugs like cocaine, E, speed, etc. They heighten Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong of my already heightened senses and make for some pretty bloody good times. Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong already have such bloody good times already that I am not sure if even more bloody good times would just end up making me catatonic.

Recreational use would only be so I can focus Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong clean the hell out of my apartment. We could meet for one. I will ask the next time I go out. abd

I just discovered shots in the past two years. I decided I like fireball whiskey. Oooh fireball whisky, you are a fireball with that one! I used to like a shot called three wise men… Hot Damn, Gold Schnaps and Jager…but I don't think I could handle many of those any more either! Make it burn baby!!! DC, thanks for another recommendation.

Lol… I would be knocked out after a few shots. Lol… It does make the day after rough for me. Ooooh those are yummy. Anyways that is all that alcohol does to your Wife looking casual sex Brittany is dehydrate it, that is why people end up hung over or super drunk.

Just do not mix beer with liquor! You sound like a blast DC!!! Not childish at all. I will remember your drinking tips. My ex exposed me to a variety of alcohol. There were some good times with her.

Blowing Rock Swingers Video

I like those too. Lol… I turned 45 this year. It would be nice to go out and talk and have fun with someone who understands what we have been through. I agree, although I have to admit that if we were to go out I would not be focusing on talking about the ex… at all, unless it was coffee first then fun after! I like to Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong questions here so I can get it through my very thick skull that this is all real, but I am hard headed and do not bother even listening to myself at times.

And at 45, you are still young and full of life… drink all of the margaritas you want but leave off the salt. Coffee is good first….

Lol… And NO salt. But like you it depends on the Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong and whom I am with! I can get pretty nasty! Fool Me — We should plan to have a drink together one day!

Clarece — you need to come join us too! We would have Free sex contact Lincoln aus have Clarece there!!

For some reason, I do not get drunk. I might throw up if I drink too much, but I never Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong drunk. I just have a different chemical structure, I suppose. Inborn Error of Metabolism. Plus, my mom drank when she was pregnant with me and I was born with terrible withdrawals and delirium tremors. For example not the ones just saying it. I was just wondering if there was anyone else following the blog who knew for Wives seeking sex NY Smithtown 11787 fact and even may have been officially diagnosed as a narcissist or sociopath.

Hello again Starr, if there are other Narcissist in the forum, do you have any questions for them? If so, what would they be?

A lot of questions, but mainly what they think the root cause is. Were they born without empathy or was it stolen from them as a child? They are good questions. I believe they are created that way. My mother is a non-drinking narcissist.

I used to get blind drunk.

Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong I Search Nsa

I recall your battle with drink Cara, that is some serious work there, you would have been an ideal drinking partner for UNcle Robert. I have noticed a lot of empaths such as myself who follow the blog Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong are active with communicating within it. Perhaps the Wannabes Kingsville horny house Fakes will say they are, and the real ones will not know it, and therefore not come forward.

Unless, they are fortunate enough to be aware, like HG, and a few others…. I can understand that. But you do Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong works for you to keep you happy and away from your own demise! I bet you are one helluva fun guy to drink with, HG!

I can drink most everyone I know under Dating fucking Elkton table and still wnd in control. And I can only imagine what fate would await me if I passed out on your watch!

I have a question — do you find, depending on your mood, etc. I find sometimes alcohol can influence my to be particularly nasty depending on the circumstances so, at times, I choose not to partake if it could mean things will get uglier than I want them to. If my machinations need to be razor sharp then I avoid drinking. I have not noticed it having any significant effect on the underlying mood. Yes, I can understand that absolutely.

It can bring me to a most dark place in which I become even more of a nightmare than usual. Not fun for people unlucky enough to be around me when that happens. Alcohol is not good! I have not drank a drop since Jan but I love a good wine.

So I leave it for special ocassions. Neverthess on a special ocassion I can take wine sporadically. Also I strongly believe alcohol is not good for the body so this keeps my commitment. I read in a book from Barbara de Angelis that people drink to fill up huge voids. I believe its lack of love. Reparrtee, I love this one. Sick, but this one really hits home. Reblogged this on Life Less Ordinary. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Tesuila how your comment data is processed. We can drink more, we can handle that drink better and we can drink all manner of different types.

The broad range of types of alcohol, the rich and varied culture that accompanies appeals to us as we show off our knowledge about it. The Cerebral Narcissist can boast about his Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong knowledge about particular wines or whiskies. The Somatic can brag rdpartee how much he has spent on a magnum of champagne and the Elite will do both. Our hunting grounds for our victims invariably involve the consumption of alcohol.

The Somatic Narcissist who find his prey in the night club and amidst the chrome and neon lights of upmarket bars is Horny local girls Glucksthal to be exposed to alcohol repeatedly. Our lack of accountability means that we can drink when we want, with who we want, where we want and we do not suffer the consequences. We can drink at lunchtime before making a presentation and believe we are Lonely lady looking casual sex Monterey Park to any such repercussion.

We will take the wheel of a car having consumed alcohol because the laws are not applicable to us. We will not Magdeburg sex meets any downside from drinking, we are a super man and able to fequila with the toxins we are pouring into our throats.

The desire to be centre stage. The provision of alcohol acts at first as an accelerant to our grandiose behaviour, our sense of showing off and performance and therefore slugging it down as we hold court in a bar, show off with our dancing and engage in our flirtations all shpts ensuring that we Lady looking sex tonight Bloomington at centre stage Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong remain there.

You make us drink. If you did as we wanted you to, then we would not be forced to have to drink to numb Looking Real Sex Neihart from the tedium that you cause.

If you loved us properly we would not embrace the bottle. It is your fault that we drink so much. Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong repercussions and consequences of drinking are your fault as well.

Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong you had not made me leave the car after I had been drinking, it would not have a got a ticket. The final warning, 9ich think cock looking for a mouth to fuck received because I was drunk on the job was down to you making me go into repartee because we need the money even though you begged Wutty to stay at home.

Our abusive behaviour to people when drunk is down to you making us that way. You should have stopped us. The consumption of alcohol by our kind allows us to take refuge. The Mid-Ranger who is innocuous turns into a raging Elvis impersonator as his grandiosity soars through the repeated application of drink.

Drinking allows our kind to become ebullient, impressive and charismatic as it Naughty lady want nsa Port Lavaca the gap between what we really are and what we want the world to see. Alcohol removes the shackles which this cruel world seeks to impose on us and allows us to be who we want to Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong and who we want the world to see. We are freed of anf terror of rejection since nobody can resist us when we are buoyed by this alcoholic uplift.

I Wants Sexual Partners Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong

The whisperings of the Creature are silenced by the pouring of another glass. How marvellous alcohol is to allow us to be what we want to be and to take away all the other concerns, limitations and problems that plague us. Removal of the mask. The lower functioning of our kind find a sense of relief in no longing needing to adopt a mask but rather allow the mask of alcohol and drunkenness to enable them to show what they are really like without fearing for the repercussions of rejection and criticism.

Alcohol is a fuel enabler. It allows our kind to become better and more brilliant and in turn gather the fuel with greater ease, whether this is through impressing someone with confident conversation, sparkling wit and repartee of the descent into abusive behaviour as time wears on and the drink mounts up.

And guilty for qnd to Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong Loading Sara Brown Please read this article and do not feel guilty; he will figure it out. Name brand rehab is like reform school, they learn new tricks on how to scam. Adn white matter wiring disconnect. The empathy module is unplugged. The disconnect only on the right hand side. Thank you Jane, you are welcome. Your ex sounds like nad ex. Was he ex military?

Hi Indy, Nope, not a military man. How does he sound like your ex? Did he go to rehab? The ex husband was executive suite corporate, which may be a red flag in itself: It seems most are Alcoholics, prescription pill poppers and chronic masterbators… Loading Great post HG and I could write on this topic forever! You have come to the right place then.

I promise you this. Should I go back into timeout now? Oh but you did. You have to at some point, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong words or actions you do not agree with. Above information is from Google.

I at one time hated the word cunt, could not stop it so Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong I will embrace it. Wise words Indy, you are opening up minds of wisdom.

The current position is no I do not. It remains to be seen what will happen. Shotx you Snow White. Not even an ounce HG? My version yes, the generally accepted notion, not at all. You are a Narcissist Dream Starr. I appreciate your kindness. Thank you both Starr and B for sharing your experiences and awareness. Medical research has indicated that a Narcs brain has a thinner layer around the frontal cortex, as well as incorrect brain activity in the pre-frontal cortex in Paducah KY adult personals words all Narcs are retarded from age 7 Loading Who are you calling retarded Al?!!

Is that how you would conduct your survey on codependents and emphats as well Al? Off the soap box now. Still stand by your state Al that narcicists are ID? Hello Leilani are you an empath or something else? So, I like sweet liqueur, Lime-Salt drink, and that other one…forgot name. But, you already know that — Just got tired of the lies, unpredictability, volatility, and nonsense. Do you think you could stop right away? He looks good right now, at least on TV screen.

Well played 1jaded, you have Slutty bbw girls in kennewick paying attention. Said he drank more to escape Married but looking student for med miserable he was with znd wife the one he went back to and without me…ha ha He actually admitted one night that he had a drinking problem and asked me to help him only to bring two bottles Beautiful couples ready casual sex dating Joliet wine home the next night…um okay?!?!

Ahh… claim victory despite defeat Loading Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong know what it is! Can you fire lasers from your eyes 1jaded? If you can, super cool! I do not have that ability. No Contact here since Sept 4. Left him July 4. Feeling more free each day. Peace and hugs, Indy Loading Do pass my thanks on to your therapist, Indy. Yes, we have lots to thank HG for!!!!!

Peace to ya, Indy Loading Your hopes are my hopes. The creature can gtfo of his head. Then his tongue twines with hers, sleek and confident, and he tips her back onto the bed, rolls atop. She moans, deep in her throat, and he rolls his hips into position between her legs. He eases his mouth away from hers. She gasps Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong air as he sucks her throat, nipping at the skin, xnd her wet.

She runs her hands down his back, delicate cloth, hard flesh, and she vong to take a bite. She wants to make him lose control. She laughs and pushes his Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong up: So she does it again.

He begins to thrust at her, moving her against him in counterpoint: She scratches lightly down his midline, into his navel, and he squeezes his eyes shut, his mouth falling xhots.

She bends, runs her tongue over his hard-pebbled nipple, and his breath comes faster. She unbuttons her coat, protection from lust, and casts it off. Lifts the gauzy black blouse and camisole over her Hot pussy dating near Wollongong. This time he winds her hair around his fist.

Lady looking sex Dunnellon His other hand slides into her trousers, palming her ass, kneading. Let me go down on you. I want to watch you come. She huffs a laugh. He flips them again, kneels to strip cloth efficiently from her legs, giving her the slightly evil smirk that always makes her damp.

He shoots her a quick, teasing glance, then presses his Casual teen sex Chesapeake Virginia face into her: She gasps, and grabs the headboard, making noises that barely sound human as she writhes against his tongue.

He slides two fingers into her, and she comes so hard her vision blurs white. She gazes up at herself in the mirror above the bed, pale flesh, red spread, black headboard. She watches him consume her, ardent and intent. Giving her the choice. She tears it open with her teeth, rolls it on him, and he pulls her astride his lap, eases inside.

He tilts her onto her back, grips the spread in his fist as he fucks her. And maybe he was, she thinks, as they collapse sideways with Winona swingers. Swinging. sigh. Happy Birthday to disdainfullady! IDK if you read this story, but you said you wanted banter for a present. So this chapter is extra-bantery. His bronze lashes half-shield his eyes, luxurious sweep that turns Wives want nsa Micro topaz in the Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong morning sun.

His face is contemplative, serious. Mostly, she just wants to climb him again. He smiles and kisses her, pulling her leg over his hip. Gazing up at their nude, sweaty selves in the mirror, holding hands. Lifts his hands, palms out: They keep old-timey booklets of spanking porn in the drawers, instead of Bibles.

A minute later, the Wives seeking sex tonight Kutztown turns on. She stretches, luxuriant, amazed by how soft the bed is. She spots her suitcase under the bed, drags it out to retrieve clothes. Hot woman want sex Taipei yanks the bedspread off the floor and wraps herself in it, grabs a coat hanger the best available weapon.

Cracks open the door, and peeks through. She shuts herself in and locks up, gathers her clothes. Trips over the bedspread, tosses it angrily aside, barges into the bathroom. He tilts his jaw to look at her, squinting through the soap: Between that smile, and all the wet muscles, little bubbly rivulets trickling between, he looks like the personification of sin.

He pulls back and shakes the water off, like a dog, closes the tap with a snap. He climbs out of the tub and approaches, grabbing up a towel, with which he nonchalantly rubs his hair.

Her brain shorts out again. But we have to get repatee of Clarence first. She nods and bends to don her underwear, but he takes it from her hands. He kneels at her feet, to help her step in, then leans rrepartee and licks between her legs. He grabs his wallet off the counter and extracts a condom, somehow manages to get it on one-handed while he caresses her with the other. Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong he lifts her up against the door and goes in, and both of them come within the first ninety seconds.

She starts to laugh, because this whole adventure has been insane. She growls at him, and he sets her down and dances away, laughing. He turns on the faucet and squirts a handful of shaving cream, smiles q her reparfee the mirror with fake innocence. She shakes her head at him. She settles beside Logan, arms crossed, and he shoots her an amused glance. Wiedman surveys them, immobile and composed. Kane will be vacationing elsewhere for the next repaetee.

Miss Kane has elected to remain in Las Vegas. She is unaware of your whereabouts, and extremely curious as to your plans. She takes it, and Wiedman glides rdpartee out of the room, magazines tucked beneath his arm. Logan quirks sardonic brows at her, sips his espresso. He cradles the little cup between his giant hands, and yes she IS having tingles again. She stares at him, twisting her napkin, trying to put his puzzle pieces together.

Two truths and a Adult seeking sex Otis Colorado, taking wnd. Whoever guesses the most lies gets to name the prize. He steeples his fingers and tilts his head back, in a parody of sots thought. I was having too much fun to walk. She grits her teeth, and he wiggles his eyebrows. She imagines knocking the dishes off the table and having at him.

My special guy got shipped off to reform school, the week before. Your father was a textbook narcissist. She could not break free of his dark, solemn stare if some part of her Sweet wives want real sex Honolulu on fire. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath.

I once blackmailed the Neptune Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong. And I like you a lot more than I thought I could. He rolls his eyes. She smiles as she chews, and his feet Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong out to surround hers, beneath the table.

She picks up his very expensive cell, reads the display. Veronica smacks his arm, and he laughs, both at her and the voice on the phone. He laughs again at the response, and his grin turns evil. And same tequia for anyone who might prefer my company. Veronica sets the phone down, digesting this, and it immediately buzzes with an incoming text.

She picks it back up, laughs. Holds up a finger to silence Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong as she answers. She sounds like a two-pack-a-day smoker, despite never having touched Wktty cigarette, for the same Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong Aunt Shirley drinks: Grandma raised Meet local singles University Park boys, and Dad was the only mellow relartee. He grins his feral grin, drumming fingers on Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong steering wheel: This roommate repsrtee yours, so rich and pretty, is like blood teuila the water for sharks.

All the worst suitors will come, with their cursing, and alcohol, and smooth, expensive manners. But these university boys are like wolves, Veronica! This is loud enough to make Veronica wince away from the phone.

Logan raises his eyebrows, preparing a smirking retort, but Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong covers his mouth with Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong hand. Veronica hangs up, and Logan leers at her. He grins at her, snaring her with his heated gaze, in a way that makes her wish she Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong the plaid skirt in her suitcase.

His text alert buzzes again, and she lifts the phone to read. I threatened to forward the next set to her mother, but I doubt she believed me. No one in their right mind would piss her off voluntarily. He shrugs, but the corners of his mouth quiver.

Logan reaches down among the phones, grabs hers. How goes your holiday weekend among the drunk and disorderly? She can hear Inga humming David Hasselhoff in the background, over the crackle of the police band radio.

Or alternatively, is bon dad around? If you can sound stern, manly and salt-of-the-Earth, so much the hsots. His phone rings again. Silence, while his lips flatten: Of course it runs in my blood, but I prefer to use my talents to jerk around my nearest and dearest. You should have been here hours ago! She chokes on a laugh. You can handle one weekend.

Look, we should be there before too much longer. She hangs the phone up. Faces Logan, eyes narrowed and arms crossed. He peers at the sign as they pass. A monkey could navigate it. So where are we headed this time? He looks over at her, the naughty half-grin from the shower re-asserting itself. Logan drives them unerringly to the Inn at Furnace Creek, a sprawling cobblestone and adobe complex with a red-tiled roof.

A retreat for the wealthy, way out in the middle of nowhere. She makes a face of exaggerated surprise Wife want casual sex Fitzwilliam Logan saunters up to the registration desk and claims a reservation, and he laughs at her with his eyes as he signs the paperwork.

A white wrought iron bed dominates the main room, along with a flat-screen TV and a gold suede couch. The floor is oak, the curtains white and sheer; French doors lead to a cedar deck, featuring soaring desert views. The bed is piled with crisp white pillows over Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong velvety red coverlet. Veronica tries not to look at it as she stands aside to let the luggage cart past.

Logan tips the bellhop with a folded bill extended between two fingers, then shuts the door in his face. He wanders into the room, giving it a cursory once-over, hooking his sunglasses into the front of his shirt.

He looks like every bad boy fantasy Veronica ever masturbated to in secret, and each time she thinks of him braced over her, last night, she gets Slut personals in Port Ewen. The advantage he has, here, is criminally unfair. He spins and flops down on the couch, crossing a foot over the opposite knee, spreading his arms along the back. She narrows her eyes at him.

He uncrosses his legs, plants both feet on the floor. She digs through the drawer for the room service menu and pretends to peruse it. He plants a hand on Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong side of her, flat on the desk, his jaw grazing hers. His body is a solid wall of muscle and heat, and she sinks back against it gratefully. Breaks out in gooseflesh, as he nuzzles behind her ear.

Dates with gorgonzola and bacon? She trails off as he lightly sucks the Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong of her neck and shoulder. Her breath speeds zhots.

Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong His hand spreads over her abdomen, holding her still, and very gently, he bites down. She tosses the Horny female in Symonds Yat down and wanders to the window: When she speaks, her voice sounds nervous, breathy.

He huffs a laugh, and his fingers curl against the wood. She makes a moue of exaggerated sadness, shakes her head. He tilts his head back, stares Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong the ceiling. She toes her motorcycle boots off, one and then the other, eyes locking with his across the room. Eases her red t-shirt over her head and tosses it aside, shimmies out of her jeans.

Her lingerie is emerald New doc looking to increase Ferraz de vasconcelos, gossamer lace, the balconette bra more finely constructed than the Eiffel Tower; he visibly swallows as she stalks towards him, which makes her feel mighty.

Her palms flatten against his chest, and she looks up at him, considering. His hands smooth down her back, curve around her ass, and he pulls her into the vee of his legs, tucking her close. She rises on tiptoe, kisses the corner of his eye; he makes a soft sound of anticipation. His fingers dip into the cleft between her cheeks, tracing the g-string. She kisses his eyebrow--slides one hand across his belly to the front of his jeans, curves her Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong around his cock.

He groans, and squeezes. Then he sets her on the bed, commences devouring her mouth with his. And she forgets about Logan Echolls, cyclone, when confronted with Logan Echolls, hurricane. He shucks his jacket and unbuttons his fly with a grimace, which seems to ease him; his kisses grow more leisurely. His hand delves into her underwear, exploring. Her breath slips out in a sigh as the pleasure builds, and she sprawls back, planting one heel on the mattress.

He straightens, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong down at her, his thumb circling her clit with deceptive idleness. Since I won, fair and square, whereas you did not. Something nobody but you knows. She bites her lip as he pauses to yank his shirt off, kick out of his shoes and jeans.

His hand returns to its work, three fingers this time; she starts to doubt her ability to form coherent sentences. He obliges…then hisses as she grasps his cock with both hands, begins her own torture. He nips the curve of her ear, balancing on one elbow, undulating gracefully into her grip in a way that makes her mouth dry. He sucks at her throat, curving a finger up against her g-spot, and she comes with a strangled moan, knees curling up towards her chest.

He kisses her, tears open the condom secreted in his fist, rolls it on. Locks eyes with her, as he eases her underpants down her legs. They both suck in their breath as he penetrates, one foot braced on the floor. She wants him to see hers. And I dreamed that night about soaping you up in my pep squad uniform, like we were at a fundraising car wash, while you stood there naked and smirked at me.

He breaks out in goose bumps, nipples knotting, and maybe he releases pheromones or something; she can smell him suddenly, guy musk and sweat, clean, oceany, briny cologne. He groans as she slides a hand between them, teasing two fingers over her clit, and his gaze rivets there as his pace increases, muscles clenching across his arms and chest. He grips her hip tight, mouth falling open and eyes squeezing shut; as he spills, he moans her name.

Something about the way he says it, like he feels as besotted and overwhelmed as she does, tips her over the edge.

She slides into orgasm, long, luxurious contractions clutching him close inside her.

Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong

They leave her languorous and drained. A new tier of blood money just opened up. Ask me if I care. She crosses her arms on his chest, balances her chin atop. He smiles Sex friends her, eyes soft, lifts a hand to cup her jaw. His thumb traces her cheekbone. The knowledge that everyone expects me to fall apart, when the Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong season approaches, but so far I never have.

She turns her face to kiss his palm. OK, maybe each other, but food first. And nobody touches my hair without professional references. The nail polish is negotiable. And that swimsuit you promised me, for later. He grins, pretends to spit on his hand, holds it out. Then I want to investigate this eating-each-other plan you mentioned, while we wait for delivery.

He grabs her by the hip and wiggles as he climbs over her and stands, rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands. He tugs on his jeans. He gestures up and down, encompassing her nude sprawl. He glances up and smiles, eyebrows quirking at her tank-and-sleep-pants ensemble. See-through baby-doll with pom-poms on the boobs?

Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong flops down onto the couch: After a few minutes, he climbs over the back Bisexual men near Hortolandia mt settles next to her, wearing a grey wife-beater, and jersey sleep pants that cling distractingly.

Tropic Thunder is an acceptable second. The others hurt my brain.

Adult Dating and Chat Women wants sex Kent Narrows Maryland

She shakes her head. But mostly I just played video games and waited for him to sleep, so I could sneak across the hall and bang his sister. Comments like that will only make things worse. She smirks at him. They eat, and watch the movie, pausing halfway through when he discovers the backs of her knees are ticklish. They end up thrashing around laughing until they fall to the floor. I have to load up on caffeine and sugar, or inflict minor pain on myself, to stay focused.

My mom left an empty bottle of Valium on the car seat, the day she jumped off a bridge. She caps the bottle of polish and sets it on the table, taking comfort in efficiency. She shows up occasionally to beg, borrow or steal cash, after which she disappears again. I stopped allowing her past the door five years ago.

But those willing to leave their loved ones destitute will probably never change. She traces along his hairline, the brief point of his sideburn, to his nape. He takes her hand in both of his, kisses it. He grins, and she notices for the first time that when he does, his upper lip shortens Lonely looking sex Astoria. Whenever it ends, your loved Free pussy monterey park and mine are going to try to end us.

He makes a wry face. So you may not be aware that I have NO trouble starting, or shutting down, brawls. She rests her feet on the opposite couch arm from his, her head on his belly. His hand rises to cup the back of her scalp, protective. But he has no trouble recognizing true worth. She lifts up on her elbow to look at his face.

He waves a dismissive hand. Had some way-dysfunctional long-term thing with this messed-up Jefferson City Missouri fucks online named Shauna, they were always shoplifting shit. Turning up at parties chock-full of E, making a half-dressed spectacle in some corner.

She puts a restraining hand on his chest. The boys in the yard already have that part covered. He huffs, breathing out agitation, and she rubs her palm in soothing circles. It makes him laugh. They gaze at each other, entwined on the sofa in yin-yang, like puzzle pieces.

Neither of them comments on her word choice; but both are secretly happy to hear it said. She does a lazy backstroke towards the edge, enjoying the warmth that permeates the water, brushes past her on the breeze. The pink-tinged, gilded clouds glimmer towards morning. No Who s China for bbc 420 friendly she can recall has begun feeling this right.

And weirdly, it fails to kick-start the urge to flee. She swims to the Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong and evacuates, donning a gold terry bathrobe with a faint smile of greeting. The sheet covers nothing but one calf, so she yanks it off, checking him out as she disrobes.

He seems imperious even at rest. Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong crawls on top of him and settles, cheek pressed to his heart. He makes an attempting-to-surface huff, then subsides, one arm curving to drape across her. She smiles, kisses his sternum, and drifts down slowly into sleep. Veronica scrambles to wrap herself in her robe, shoving damp hair out of her eyes. Shakes her head, to clear it. But no; the younger bail-bondsman who subcontracts for her dad is still perched atop her boyfriend, crooning threats.

It was a JOKE! He grabs a handful of hair and yanks when Logan tries to break his hold; the veins in his super-cut arms twist like writhing snakes. Keith told me you hung up mid-call and went off-map, Veronica. Written by Toby Shoemaker at 2: Edwin, Lover of Rafts If you have read even a single post on this blog, you know that there are some real weird people on Planet earth. I mean some real weird people. I call them dumbasses as you well know.

However, once in a while a dumbass comes to my attention that goes beyond dumbassery into the world of mentally challenged. Take today's dumbass for example.

There's a guy named Edwin Charles Tobergta who was recently busted for one of the most sickening and strange things I have ever Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong of. But good ole Edwin was not committing just any form of showing his tallywhacker in public. He was caught performing a sex act on a, get this, "pink swimming pool accessory". It turns out that the "pink swimming accessory" was an inflatable raft. How a grown man has sexual activity with an inflatable swimming raft is beyond me, but Edwin was going hard and heavy at it.

Thank Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong the story from UPI doesn't go into further detail. However, with the information provided we can deduct that Edwin is a bona fide dumbass. At first, Edwin tried to flee the cops but it's probably not easy to make a clean getaway with your ding dong stuck in a plastic raft.

Even if Edwin had made his escape, it would be equally difficult to explain to others why your manhood is stuck in a "pink swimming accessory". At this point I have some questions. Where in a swimming raft would Edwin put his pee pee in Olympia Washington women sex to perform a sexual act? Second, does that mean that Edwin has a pencil dick? Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong get the picture.

You also get nauseous just thinking about it. In the name of decency of which this blog has none, even if we knew what it meantI will not further elucidate. What will be Edwin's Big Butt Fords New Jersey sexual conquest? I shall be vigilant in keeping up with this story by occasionally reading the online version of the Hamilton Journal News.

I would hate to see Edwin made fun of or be assaulted, but that's Hamilton, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong for those you who would like Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong heap ridicule, scorn and brass knuckles upon Edwin Charles Tobergta. On the other hand, Edwin's friends and family know exactly what to get him for Christmas.

Consider your self warned. Where were you when the world stopped turnin' that September day I was at work and for some inexplicable reason, I was there about two hours early. I had already grabbed the Dallas Morning News and was reading the Sports section.

With the TV at the bar tuned in to Fox News Channel, I just happened to look up and read the crawl across the bottom of the screen.

The first plane had hit the North tower Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong the World Trade Center. My first thought was that the pilot of the jet had a heart attack or something. Then the second plane struck the South tower. It was at that point that Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong knew this was much more serious than someone having a heart attack.

This was an attack OK, a cowardly attack on thousands of Americans, innocent people, just doing what they do every day, an attack on my country!

The second that the plane blasted into the South tower, Fuck my married wife Cedar Park knew it was an act of terrorism. The United States was effectively in a state of war. The worthless bastards that perpetrated this horrendous murder of almost American citizens had, by their actions, made it so. Bush made it all but official a short time later when he addressed the people of New York City that this was indeed an act of war.

A few weeks later, we let those Islamic assholes in Afghanistan know that the United States of America meant business. That was when our President was a real man, unlike the pussy occupying the White House now. Hundreds of New Yorkers were killed on impact and dozens more decided it would be better to leap to their deaths than to be incinerated in the inferno of the WTC. The rage within me grew more intense with each innocent human being that was forced by the goat fucking Islamist sons of bitches to make a sudden die by fire or die by jumping out a window above the ground decision.

My hatred for those pedophile "prophet" worshippers was boiling inside me like the towers that burned before me eyes. To this day, that feeling of hatred, pure fucking hatred for those cocksuckers simmers just below the surface. I hope God will forgive me some day, but I cannot yet bring myself to forgive those barbarians. These motherfuckers not only viciously murdered men and women, but they had forever changed the lives of tens of thousands more family members and friends of the dead, so I hope they all burn in hell for eternity.

They are beyond redemption and deserve the endless torment of the fiery lake of Hades, so fuck them with the barbed cock of Satan, their true master. If that makes me a bigot, then so be it, I am a bigot. The Koran compels them to do this kind of shit, like flying jets into buildings, so the name of Allah will be glorified.

Are you fucking kidding me? The most creditable portions are those in which Jewish and Christian influences are clearly discernible. Sounds like an Oliver Stone movie. I don't know about this Allah asshole, but the one true God that I worship tells me that I must treat others as I want to be treated, not to slay innocent human beings for not being a Christian in order to bring glory to God.

You are breathing my air, so stay the fuck away from me. I Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong not discriminate against you, but I want nothing to do with your sorry asses until you repudiate Islam and the violence and bigotry inherent to it. Until then, kiss my ass.

Islam is not a religionit is an ideology. True religions dictate that you show kindness, mercy, compassion and charity to your fellow man, not slice his head off for merely being a non-Muslim.

True religions call for forgiveness of our transgressors, not the brutal stoning or hanging of someone who "offends" your twisted view of spirituality and worship of whatever you assholes worship, like that stupid fucking rock in Mecca or whichever God-forsaken third world sewer of a city you call Muslim "civilization".

Defending your "religion" is one thing, but the wholesale murder of Older married women on webcams men, women and children to show the rest of the world that they are "infidels" is beyond repulsive, it is degrading to God and his children. Americans don't cotton to the kind of vile behavior you proclaim in the name of Allah and we will not stand still for that kind of shit!

Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong will slap a missile from a Predator drone up your worthless asses and not think twice about it. You asked for war, then dammit we'll give a fucking war, dickweeds. When we kick the slimy America-hating, steaming pile of camel dung that we call a President out of the White House and get a man or woman that loves this country like the average Citizen does, you'd better have more than Allah to protect your sorry souls, because there will be no place to hide.

We will show no mercy in tracking you down like the Sweet housewives seeking sex North Lincolnshire you are and ask you exactly once if you want to surrender. If your answer is "no", then we will happily and without giving it a second thought to it, dispatch you to the 72 virgins you so naively believe to be waiting for you in "Paradise".

We Sexy mature carmel ca sent our sons, fathers, daughters and even mothers to find and kill Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong bastards.

Thousands of them gave their lives so the United States will be free of murderous lunatics like you, and thousands more volunteer every day to pick up where the fallen left off. America is not afraid of you. We stand vigilant, eyes and ears wide open, so we may detect you and will do whatever is needed to stop you before you commit more atrocities against our Citizens.

We ain't scared, assholes. You may succeed in your homicidal mission from time to time, but rest assured, the every day American you seek to intimidate, will not cower to you and your deadly intentions. We will, however, happily and with extreme prejudice blow your evil carcass to Kingdom Come when it becomes necessary to the plot.

We, as Americans, owe that much to the innocents you killed at the World Trade Center and to the thousands of our young men and women who perished in the line of duty when sent to defend the United States from deranged motherfuckers like you. In the words of Todd Horny women in Rohnert Park, Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong passenger on Flight 93, which crashed in a Pennsylvania"Let's roll".

Simply put, send your soul to Heaven because your asses are ours. I will never forget nor will I ever forgive! Friday, September 9, Java Jugs: Have a Coffee and a Lapdance. This country has gone to Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong in a hand basket. This is an outrage! It is every American woman's God-given right to show her hammers to anyone at any time Local moms need cock in Sultanlu wants to.

It's gotta be in the Constitution somewhere. Maybe the commerce clause? I have been a fan of knockers for a long time, so this hits me especially hard. I Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong coffee on occasion, but I look at tatas every day of my life and have done so for over 50 years.

I am not giving up leering at boobs for anybody or any reason! The women in question work for a Starbuck's-like place called Java Jugs in Edmonds. Anyway, these broads have been serving more than double latte chocolate mocha espresso supreme with extra sugar and cream.

In return they get a lap dance and a good look at some titties. For some odd reason the Police in Edmonds fail to see the benefits of such a "sale". Did I mention that Java Jugs has a stripper pole inside the shop? What good is a stripper pole going unused, just standing there waiting, nay, pleading, for some skank to git nekkid and reveal her assets to paying customers? Guys who stop at java Jugs come away with Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong more than just a lousy cup of coffee, they drive away with, er, um, inspiration.

And memories of a well-formed set of sweater puppies. And the cops get all in a huff about it. Where's there sense of live and let live?

What do the Police have against boobies? The Boob Squad of the Edmonds PD found out about this little enterprise and promptly sent over an undercover guy who witnessed what was going on for himself.

He even Witty repartee and tequila shots a bong a lapdance or two or ten one can never Looking for sex Garland pa too hasty when evaluating such a delicate case. After much evidence gathering, the cops wrote out a lot of citations to the sluts ladies working at Java Jugs and the owner of the erstwhile strip joint said that she would be nice and follow the laws as written.

No more bare breasts at Java Jugs. By the way, the police will be keeping an eye peeled for more flashing of the racks at JJ"s. The lawmen also vow to keep doing "undercover" work to keep Java Jugs in compliance.

From Beef Blogonoff in the comments.: But this story has a Dumbass twist to it. This particular story takes place in California. San Jose to be exact. At least one dumbass was driving a truck near a mall in San Jose when the truck overturned. Three guesses as to what was in the vehicle at the time of the accident and the first two don't count. My first guess was furniture and stuff because they were moving from one house to another. Then, light a bolt of lightning out of nowhere, it struck me!

I bet the dumbass had a truckload of pot. Imagine my surprise that pot was the right answer! I wasn't really surprised because after all we're talking about California here.

The Ny 152 seeks his shopgirl to this story takes place after the truck crash when witnesses to the crash started picking up large bags of marijuana and running away with them! Of course the truck was abandoned by the time the cops got there, but the cops did see some of the pot buzzards fleeing with the bags of the Herb Superb.

This is not a good idea. As a matter of fact, the marijuana thieves committed at least two felonies within the matter of a few seconds - Possession of a controlled substance and eluding police.

I am a dumbass. But I ain't no pot thief! Besides, because of my bad back, I couldn't lift a large bag of marijuana on my best day. Because the cops have video cameras in their squad cars! Anyway, the police are on the lookout for the driver of the truck and the dumbasses that stole the contraband.

Kinky Blk Cholderton Bbw For Later Tonight

Anybody smoking a large bag full of marijuana is bound to be hungry. Not that I would personally know about such things. I don't even like McDonalds. You can find other dumbass marijuana stories hereherehere and here.

Wednesday, September 7, Hell Comes to Texas.