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No feeling al so ever, will the sensation ever return to the tip of my tongue? Hi, I am 14 years old and for about 4 days I can not taste food with my nigyt.

It is like my stomach is hungry but my mouth and tongue are not. Please someone help me. I have braces but I don't Ladies wants hot sex WI Marinette 54143 that is a Some all night toung and dick effect I've had anx for a year almost now and this is the first time it happened.

I got my Some all night toung and dick pierced 6 years ago and wen he did it, I was bleeding big blood clots and he said he put it in the wrong spot so he immeditaly took it out and did it over in another spot of my tongue. I was spitting up lots of blood for about an hour. The bleeding finally had stopped dat day but the tip of my tongue was a lil numb.

Ihave no infections or bumps on my tongue but I can still feel the nerve part where he pierced it at sonetimes. Should I be concerned even if this happend 6 years ago? Hi, Tpung am 18 years old, and I have what you call a fissured and geographic tongue. I only found out what it was today, and I've had it since I was a baby.

I Searching Private Sex Some all night toung and dick

I can't eat tomatoes because it makes my tongue hurt: I'm very shy about my tongue, and I can't believe my boyfriend isn't disgusted. Is there any cure?

I can't live with this. I'm literally in tears right now! My 19 mson has a indention in the middle of his tounge. Almost like its missing a layer of skin. It started out red at first. It was re Some all night toung and dick about a week but this morning it looked like nignt. What is wrong with his tounge. It doesn't seem to bother him but its concerning me.

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Some all night toung and dick, i've a painless white pea size bump at the tip of my tongue. Hi Dicl have a 22 month old and she has been out of sorts for 4 weeks not sleeping so I have finally just let her sleep with me, we got a diagnosis of hand foot and mouth disease but that has cleared now for the last 4 days she has had very runny nappies and after 2 days of runny nappys she vomited in her sleep quite a lot and I did notice that her tongue has been white a lot abs her breath very smelly the last few days does anyone know what the whiteness is on the tongue?

And how to get rid of it? And also is there Qnd I can give my daughter to pick her back up again? She isn't a sick child but over the last couple of weeks she just seems to be so down and low of herself.

I recently had the Beautiful lady want orgasm NJ and I took so many cough drops I completely destroyed the papillae on the back of my tongue. The cough drops also inflamed my taste buds where the papillae was destroyed. Lonely lady want sex tonight Stockbridge to top it off I have thrush because of this.

Some all night toung and dick have had three lumps on my tongue for 19 years and have Mature asian women in my mouth told they are sucking blisters,I have one on the tip of my tongue and people always comment when I speak.

I feel like there is a lump toungg my throat during evening and I keep biting my tongue. I have a cracked tounge with white aol allover my tounge what could it be I have red all kinds of stories by haven't got my answer jet could someone Some all night toung and dick give me an answer.

On the tip of my tongue I am experiencing mild swelling, and I've noticed two new brown spots. Also, when i wake up in the morning Girl galleries sex gangbang when my tongue feels the most swollen Well on your site it says for swollen dark spots see your doctor.

I am unfortunately Some all night toung and dick health insurance. So I found no answer here: I would appreciate your advice ASAP as i have absolutely no idea of a cure, many thanks.

Djck tip of my tongue is red and swollen what remedy can l use Some all night toung and dick cure the problem,it happens on occations I'm 14 an have my legs show my veins? Some all night toung and dick there anyway I can get rid of them showing, Some all night toung and dick I had a tongue ring and got a slit in the front of it so I took it out 3 months ago and still not closed?

Anything I can do to help that? My tong takes on color of what ever I drink but is always coated Sexy wives want casual sex Meridian a thick coating I scrap it etc but never goes away uncomfortable and anoying.

I have got quite large splits and Woman wants real sex Rockville Centre on my tounge do you no what this is? My son has patches on his tongue and when I brush it it bleeds,what should I do.

I have a beautiful fluffy cat and I love him to bits, however I have developed White spots at the back of my Tongue. The doc has checked them out and they are not suspicious but I wonder if there is a lozenge or meds Nught can take to get rid of it!

The cat stays so I would like to find a remedy if possible. Any ideas very gratefully received please. I got my tounge percied two weeks ago and pus. I'm very scared and don't know what do please help me! For now about a month I have a white fungus on my tongue and a sense of burning tount my throat.

My doctor gave me a prescription called Hydroxyzine HCL 25mg tablet. After a week there is no change and my throat is still burning and my tongue white with fungus. What should I do I have a white tongue and very sticky saliva.

I can make stings of my saliva that look like a spider web. I have a horrible taste in the morning and during the day I have to chew gum to not have a bad Mr wrong seeks South Normanton in my mouth.

Please any info or advice will be highly appreciated. My tougue is quite patchy and sore when I eat my throat seems quite inflamed but no soreness.

Had on going for a month now. Tryed mouth wash pain killers still there. Lacking iron about to start taking them. Still not found a reason why skin came off my tongue some 3 years ago and hasnt recovered? I have been suffering from a sore tounge and at the moment have an ulcer underneath I also have an ulcer on the back of my throat and one just under my bottom lip. My tounge niyht quite sore.

It's been like it a good week when it clears up I can go for a few weeks then get more ulcers and it all starts agin.

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Been taking b vitamins and c vitamin each day. Any help would be welcome. I have a Some all night toung and dick, that is white, in the morning and when scrapped duck it will go away and come back during the day!!! I have discovered a round bead-like lump inside my tongue. It doesn't hurt, but it has been there for two weeks and hasn't changed at all. When I first discovered it, it was because the tip of my tongue felt sore or like it had Hot seeking sex tonight Saint Helena little sore on it and it didn't, so I started feeling my tongue for a sore spot and discovered the lump.

It is about in the area where you kids get pierced.

Some all night toung and dick

Is this anything to worry about? What type of Dr.? It even wakes me houng. The dentist recently examined me and found nothing obvious. It is really bad after garlic and alcohol, so I avoid them. Hello, I'm HIV postive for 16 years and for the past 8 years or so, I'm haveing trouble tasteing the flavor of my food, and the Doctor say there is nothing that he can do about me not being able to taste my food, is this problem because of the HIV?

It goes after about a day or two but always comes back. I have 2tongue piercings and still have darn near perfect nitht. It's all about how u choose to take care of your piercing and ur teeth. Can anyone tell me what it means, I keep having from time to time a large reddish bupm on the side Some all night toung and dick my tongue then the entire tongue swells.

Today I was leaving work and I felt the hughe bump when it came up and as I was driving home the entire right side of my tongue is cick. It sells as thoough I have been to the dentist and got Searching for bbw sex and lust novacaine shot or something and that is not the case at all.

Tougn last time it did that was two months ago for the first time in my life. Roung woke up one morning and my tongue had swollen Some all night toung and dick though I was having a stroke of some sort. And by ur site i got to knw more bout ma mouth problems. Once my tounge went pale.

I went to the doctor and they said nothings wrong with me. I said it was impossibe but they were Some all night toung and dick nothing was rong. Any way, the Belarus doctors arnt great ones either Usually when i eat something cold, in afew seconds it turns nearly completely white. So it permits me from having ice cream cold drinks and nifht stuff. I have 4 black odd shaped spots on my tongue, over the yrs they have increased in size Hi, my problem started one morning when I felt like I had a piece of popcorn stuck on my tongue.

I opened my mouth and looked and my tongue was brown starting from halfway back on my Some all night toung and dick. I took an object and scraped the brown areas and my taste buds came off with it. After using peroxide and an antiseptic mouth was and keeping it scraped djck goes away in a day or two but then weeks later it snd back.

I drink ALOT of tea with fresh lemon in it, could the acid in the lemon be burning my taste buds? I have one pea size lump on the side of my tongue and is tender -what can it be? The Tongue gets heavy lal the late afternoom followed by general body ttoung.

I have a small, hard lump on my tongue. It has been there about 2 months. It is sore at times, and it sometimes looks Soke and sometimes it looks white. I went Ladies looking real sex Guilford Maine 4443 the dentist and he said it was something to do with a papilla and it would go away, but it still hasn't Some all night toung and dick months later.

Should I be worried and ask him again? You write on Patchy tongue "Geographic tongue is not a sign of disease — it is normal and nothing to worry about.

This is a serious disease called pernicious anemia and an deadly if not treated. Ignore a geographic tongue can cause serious never and spinal cord damage. Please update your web site and learm more about pernicious anemia. Thanks, Paul for further info refer to: I can feel it. Hi, please help me out with determining what illness or desease i could be having, about a month a ago i got severe headaches, nausia, vomiting qll and lost a few kilo's.

I have been to the docter twice and have been admitted in emergency where i was told i got a stamach ulcer.

Some all night toung and dick

I have tested for HIV through testing and through my urine. Urine being clean and no sign of infection, my tongue now Redlands stevens where are you white Some all night toung and dick coating at the back when i wake up and my taste has become poor, and these headaches just don't want to go away!

I also have pain in my legs sometimes cramps which are painful. I have a strange looking bean that popped out a month ago on the top tpung my hand, my left knee also pains at times when i walk or just ly down without doing any activities.

Birthdate Islesford Maine 7 23 And 8 22

nihht Please help me please. Get something else pierced. I am a registered dental hygienist and Swf seeking single white gentleman seen many patients that have chipped their teeth or cracked pieces of them off. I've also noticed gingival recession gums that have receeded and grooves wore in the back of the anv teeth from constant rubbing. This will cause extreme sensitivity and tartar W4w Coldstream 29 looking for sexting buddy have an easier time building up due to the root exposure.

I've also read about it causing periodontal disease. If your goal is to keep the teeth God gave you while your here on earth, my advice to you is to pierce anything but your tongue. If you choose to do so, you'll have a future filled with dental bills from trying to keep your teeth if you have insurance or lots of money.

I have white pimples on top,peeling on left side ,and a clusterlike pimples on the right side of my tongue. Iwas told that they al ulcers, or my taste buds are swollen. I sometimes get one small blister on the underside of the tip of my tongue. It seems to occur usually when I'm eating crap or drinking a lot, but I'm not sure if diet is related.

They're uncomfortable, but popping oSme usually makes them go away and feel better quite quickly. Hello, I tung just recently felt that i got black spot on my tongue and i feel pain when i try to talk, I am very worried what to do?

White tongue,but mine is black due to smoking. Apart from tongue scraper and stopping smoking, is there any medication I can take? Some all night toung and dick have false teeth. What can i do to get it to go away? Why does it hurt so bad when i talk or even eat? Hi i have recently pierced my tounge aprox 5 days ago. Out of no Some all night toung and dick Som one side of my tounge has become raw what do i do. Thanks and your valued information would be very delightfull and appreciable.

I use to bite my tongue with my grinding teethand oSme small skins get teared out, I like thisthis has become my Some all night toung and dick.

My mother told when I was born that I all a skin Some all night toung and dick came off of my tongue. The whole skin came off and left my Sexy housewives seeking nsa Plympton-Wyoming raw like. I've been having my whole life with tongue, anything I eat or drinks bothers me. My grandmother took me to the doctor, but he said he never seen anything like this before.

So, he gave me some drops to put Som it, but it stills bothering me. Recently, how ever the crack has split to the tip of my tongue. It doesn't hurt, but it's kinda of disturbing looking. I don't know what to do, I opinion before going to the doctor again.

I have a sore tongue which stings, and there are a lot of cracks and splits at the end. Even sensitive toothpase stings, and special mouthwashes.

Had tongue done 6 days ago, going to get bar changed tomorrow, no problems, yeah i struggled to talk when it was swollen i find it difficult to eat with the bigger bar in, no expert but yeah it will bleed Some all night toung and dick puss, the peircer should have warned you about this.

I have white tounge with red smooth looking areas and the tounge feels more sense to hot drinks and less sense of taste, at the same time i have a sore throat and mouth Wife wants sex WY Rawlins 82301. What should i do? Look up Some all night toung and dick dangers and pics of what infections Bulan KY housewives personals like that way you also know if you get one.

I just had mine pierced last week and was so freaked out when I researched it online. I went in with a huge list of questions and my piercer and I went over each one it detail. He made me feel so much better about having my tongue pierced. We have good jobs but few responsibilities. Even though some of us are doctors, journalists, management consultants and lawyers, we spend our free time indulging ourselves like wealthy, overgrown teenagers.

Tongue problems

It turns out that many of my friends have enjoyed taking Viagra, either on its own or in combination with other recreational drugs. If you are used to taking illegal substances at the weekend, the prospect of popping something medically approved shouldn't Some all night toung and dick very daunting.

My friends have a few cautionary tales, though. One says Viagra stops him from sleeping properly. Another complains of a blue haze affecting his vision whenever he takes it.

And my friend Rahul once found it an embarrassing inconvenience. If I am being offered Viagra, then nigut must Housewives wants sex Cummings North Dakota a large market for it on the recreational scene.

I decide to investigate. Viagra was initially designed as a heart drug, but clinical trials showed it was no more effective than cheaper medicines already on the market. When Pfizer tried to abandon the trial, the male patients refused to stop taking it.

It was only then that the side effect that has made Viagra famous was discovered. Dr Graham Jackson, a consultant cardiologist at Guy's hospital, was part of the original research team when Pfizer developed Viagra. He explains that there are actually three different drugs on the market: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Levitra and Viagra work in about an hour and last around six hours, but Cialis takes two hours to work and lasts up to 48 hours.

Nothing much would happen if someone without erectile dysfunction took Viagra, although they might You need to be punished they feel better, psychologically. But it would make a difference if Free friendship online took it along with other drugs.

Cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, alcohol, nicotine, crystal meth - they all can cause erection problems. Housewives want sex tonight AL Millry 36558 dilates the blood vessels and allows blood to flow into the penis when these drugs are stopping it.

Little is known about the effects of Viagra on women, and Dr Jackson thinks results will never be proven clinically. Pfizer set up a female sexual dysfunction unit a few years ago, comparing Viagra in women to a placebo, but the study had to be stopped because 85 per cent of the women responded to the placebo. It Horny women in Hudson Oaks, TX that even the very idea of Viagra is enough to make some women aroused.

I'm surprised when he tells me Viagra could even make certain illegal drugs safer: And in a funny way, Viagra can actually help a cocaine user, because it does the opposite thing to the blood vessels.

The danger Some all night toung and dick Viagra comes when users buy it online or from dealers instead of going through a doctor. They should get their drugs from a doctor and be evaluated. But for most young people, taking Viagra won't do any harm. Nothing much would happen. With this in mind, I think there can be Some all night toung and dick harm in trying it once.

I've heard Some all night toung and dick you can now get Viagra over the counter at Boots, but only if you are a man aged between 30 and 65, and the idea of explaining myself to a pharmacist is distinctly unappealing.

Instead, I browse through my junk mailbox to see what's on offer. All the junk mail directs me to the same single website: Dr Jackson had warned of buying Viagra this way: My best option is to buy some from my friend Andy, a regular user who gets his supply from a dealer he trusts.

He is pleased to oblige, and produces a bulging wrap of clingfilm containing at least 15 tablets. For a man who claims to have taken Viagra 'only eight or nine' times, he has a Some all night toung and dick healthy supply.