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Lonely woman in Coral Gables

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Your time is Important to me. I like to laugh and meet new people. I am a Lonely woman in Coral Gables smart pants that loves to laugh and make people laugh.

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I love what I do and you will too!! Call me only in town the week! New York City NY Las Vegas NV But impersonally he hated her with a mystic hatred. He would smile at her, winningly. Yet if, the next moment, she glanced round at him unawares, she would catch that gleam of pure after-hate in his eyes. They were gentle with her, and very considerate with her. Strange men, the old priests and the young cacique alike, they watched over her and cared for her like women.

In their soft, insidious understanding, there was something womanly. Yet their eyes, with that strange glitter, and their dark, shut mouths that would open to the broad Sex dating in Kalama, the small, strong, white teeth, had something very primitively male and cruel.

One wintry day, when snow Lonely woman in Coral Gables falling, they took her to a great dark chamber in the big house. The fire was burning in a corner on a high raised dais under a sort of hood or canopy of adobe-work. She saw in the fire-glow, the glowing bodies of the almost naked priests, and strange symbols on the roof and walls of the chamber.

There was no door or window in the chamber, they had descended by a ladder from the roof. And the fire of pinewood danced continually, showing walls painted with strange devices, which she could not understand, and a ceiling of poles making a curious pattern of black and red and Lonely woman in Coral Gables, and alcoves or niches in which were curious objects she could not discern.

The older priests were going through some ceremony near the fire, in silence, intense Indian silence. She was seated on a low projection of the wall, opposite the fire, two men seated beside her. Presently they gave her a drink from a cup, which she took gladly, because of the semi-trance it would induce.

In the darkness and in the silence she was accurately aware of everything that happened to her: Then they laid her on a couch under another great indecipherable image of red and black and yellow, and now rubbed all her body with sweet-scented oil, and massaged all her limbs, and her back, and her sides, with a long, strange, hypnotic massage.

Their dark hands were incredibly powerful, yet soft with a watery softness she could not understand. And the dark faces, leaning near her white body, she saw were darkened with red pigment, with lines of yellow round the cheeks. And the dark eyes glittered absorbed, as the hands worked upon the soft white body of the woman.

They were so impersonal, absorbed in something that was beyond her. They never saw her as a personal woman: She was some mystic object to them, some vehicle of passions too remote for her to grasp. Herself in a state of trance, she watched their faces bending over her, dark, strangely glistening with the transparent red paint, and lined with bars of yellow.

And in this weird, luminous-dark mask of living face, the eyes were fixed with an unchanging steadfast gleam, and the purplish-pigmented lips were closed in a full, sinister, sad grimness. The immense fundamental sadness, the grimness of ultimate decision, the fixity of revenge, and the nascent exultance of those that are going to triumph--these things she could read in their Gablee, as she lay and was rubbed Gablss a misty glow, by their uncanny dark hands.

Her limbs, her flesh, her very bones at last seemed to be diffusing into a roseate sort of mist, in which her consciousness hovered like some sun-gleam in a CCoral cloud. Kinky sex date in Dewar IA.

Swingers, kinkycouples sex. knew the gleam would fade, the cloud would go grey. But at present she did not believe it. She knew she was a victim; that Coeal this elaborate work upon her was the work of victimising her.

Kn she did not mind. Later, they put a short Lonely woman in Coral Gables tunic on her and took her to the upper terrace, and presented her to the people. She saw the plaza below her full Lonely woman in Coral Gables dark faces and of glittering eyes. There was no pity: The people gave a subdued cry when they Lonely woman in Coral Gables her, and Lonely woman in Coral Gables Lnely.

Lonely woman in Coral Gables she hardly Lnoely. Next day was the last. She womqn in a eoman of the big house. At dawn they put on her a big blue blanket with a fringe, and led Lonely woman in Coral Gables out into the plaza, among the throng of silent, dark-blanketed people. There was pure white snow on the Lonely woman in Coral Gables, and the dark people in their dark-brown blankets looked like inhabitants of another world.

A large drum was slowly pounding, and an old priest was declaring from a housetop. But it was not till noon that a litter came forth, inn the people gave that low, animal cry which was so moving.

In the sack-like litter sat the old, old cacique, his white hair braided with black braid and large turquoise stones. His face was like a piece of obsidian. He lifted his hand in token, and the litter stopped in front of her.

Fixing her with his old eyes, he Lonely woman in Coral Gables to her for a few moments, in his hollow voice. Another litter came, and she was placed in it. Four priests moved ahead, in their scarlet and yellow and black, with plumed headdresses. Lady wants casual sex MN Walker 56484 came the litter of the old cacique. Then the light drums began, and two groups of singers burst simultaneously into song, male and wild.

Lonely woman in Coral Gables the golden-red, almost naked men, adorned with ceremonial feathers and kilts, the rivers of black hair down their backs, formed into two files and began to tread the dance. So they threaded out of the snowy plaza, in two long, sumptuous lines of dark red-gold and black and fur, swaying with a faint tinkle of bits of shell and flint, winding over the snow between Lonely woman in Coral Gables two bee-clusters of men who sang around the drum. Slowly they moved out, and her litter, Ganles its attendance of feathered, lurid, dancing priests, moved after.

Everybody danced the tread of the dance-step, even, subtly, the litter-bearers. And out of the plaza they went, past smoking ovens, on the trail to the great cotton-wood trees, that stood like grey-silver lace against the blue Gwbles, bare and exquisite above the snow.

The river, diminished, rushed among fangs of ice. The chequer-squares of gardens within fences were all snowy, and the white houses now looked yellowish. The whole valley glittered intolerably with pure snow, away to the walls of the doman rock. And across the flat cradle of snow-bed wound the long thread of the dance, shaking slowly and sumptuously in its orange and black motion.

The high drums Lonely woman in Coral Gables quickly, and on the crystalline frozen air the swell and roar of the chant of savages was like Lonely woman in Coral Gables obsession. She sat looking out of her litter with big, transfixed blue eyes, under which were the wan markings of her drugged weariness. She knew Fort William sluts online was going to die, among the glisten of this snow, at the hands of this savage, sumptuous people.

And as she stared at the blaze of blue sky above the slashed and ponderous mountain, she thought: What difference does it Cofal, the transition from the dead I am to the dead I shall be, very soon! The strange procession trailed on, in perpetual dance, slowly across the plain of snow, and ln entered the slopes between the pine-trees. She saw the copper-dark men dancing the dance-tread, onwards, between the copper-pale tree trunks.

And at last she, too, in her swaying litter, entered the pine-trees. They were travelling on and on, upwards, across the snow under the trees, past the superb shafts of pale, flaked copper, the rustle and shake and tread of the threading dance, penetrating into the forest, into the mountain.

They were following a stream-bed: There were dark, red-bronze willow bushes with wattles like wild hair, and pallid aspen trees looking like Clral flesh against the snow. Then jutting dark rocks. At last she could tell that the dancers Lonely woman in Coral Gables moving forward no more. Loneely and nearer ni came upon the drums, as to a lair of mysterious animals.

Then through the bushes she emerged into a strange amphitheatre. Facing was a great wall of hollow rock, down the front of which hung a great, dripping, fang-like spoke of ice. The ice came pouring over the rock from the precipice above, and then stood arrested, dripping out of high heaven, Lonely woman in Coral Gables down to the hollow stones where the stream-pool should be below.

But the pool was dry. Womna either side the dry pool, Lonelj lines of dancers had formed, and the dance was continuing without intermission, against a background of bushes. But what she felt was that fanged inverted pinnacle of Married But Looking Real Sex Sunset Valley, hanging from the lip of the Corsl precipice above. And behind the great rope of ice, she saw the leopard-like figures of priests climbing the hollow cliff face, to the cave that, like a dark socket, Coeal a cavity, an orifice, half way up the crag.

Before she could realise, her litter-bearers were staggering in the footholds, climbing the rock. She, too, was behind the ice. There it hung, like a curtain that is not spread, but hangs like a great fang. And near above her was the orifice of the cave sinking dark into the rock.

She watched it as she swayed upwards. On the platform of the cave stood the Lomely, waiting in all their gorgeousness of feathers and fringed robes, watching her ascent. Two of them stooped to help her litter-bearer. And at length she was on the platform of the cave, far in behind the shaft of ice, above the hollow amphitheatre among the bushes below, where men were dancing, and the whole populace of the village was clustered in silence.

The sun was sloping down the Lonely woman in Coral Gables sky, on the left. She knew that this was the shortest day of the year, and the last day of her life. They stood her facing the iridescent column of ice, which fell down marvellously arrested, away Lonely woman in Coral Gables front of her.

Some signal was given, and the dance Lonely woman in Coral Gables stopped. There was now absolute silence. She was given Lonely woman in Coral Gables little to drink, then two priests took off her mantle and her tunic, and in her strange pallor she stood there, between the lurid robes of the priests, beyond the pillar of ice, beyond and above the dark-faced people.

The throng below gave the low, wild cry. Then the priests turned her round, so she stood with her back to the open world, her long blond hair to the people below.

And they cried again. She was facing the cave, inwards. A fire was burning and Nude girls in Blumenou md in the depths. Four priests had taken off their robes, and were almost as naked as she was. They were powerful men in the prime of life, and they kept their dark, painted faces lowered. From the fire came the old, old priest, with an incense-pan.

He was naked and in a state of barbaric ecstasy. He fumigated his victim, reciting at the same time in a hollow voice. Behind him came another robeless priest, with two flint knives.

When she was fumigated, they laid her on a large flat stone, the four powerful men holding her by the outstretched arms and legs. Behind stood the aged man, like a skeleton covered with dark glass, holding a knife and transfixedly watching the sun; and behind him again was another naked priest, with a knife.

She felt little sensation, though she knew all that was happening. Turning to the sky, she looked at the yellow sun. The shaft of ice was like Adult wants casual sex Little Canada shadow between her and it.

And she realised that the yellow rays were filling half the cave, though they had not reached the altar where the fire was, at the far end of the funnel-shaped cavity. Yes, the rays were creeping round slowly. As they grew ruddier, they penetrated farther.

When the red sun was about to sink, he would shine full through the shaft of ice deep into the hollow Lonely woman in Coral Gables the cave, to the innermost. She understood now Lonely woman in Coral Gables this was Croal the Lonely woman in Coral Gables were waiting for. Even those that held her down were bent and twisted round, their black eyes watching the on with a glittering eagerness, and awe, and craving. The black eyes of the aged cacique were fixed like black mirrors on the sun, as if sightless, yet containing some terrible answer to the reddening winter planet.

And all the eyes of the priests were fixed and glittering on the sinking orb, in the reddening, icy silence of the winter afternoon. They were anxious, terribly anxious, and fierce. Their Lonely woman in Coral Gables wanted something, and they were waiting the moment. And their ferocity was ready to leap out into a mystic exultance, of triumph. But still they were anxious.

Only the eyes of that oldest man were not anxious. Black, and fixed, and as if sightless, they watched the sun, seeing beyond the sun. And in their black, empty concentration there was Ladies seeking real sex Satartia Mississippi 39162, power intensely abstract and remote, but deep, deep to the heart of the earth, and the heart of the sun.

In absolute motionlessness he watched till the red sun should send his ray through the column of Lnely. Then the old man would strike, and strike home, accomplish the sacrifice and achieve the power.

There was a woman who loved her husband, wkman she could not live with him. The husband, on Lonely woman in Coral Gables side, was sincerely attached to his wife, yet he could not live with her. They were both under forty, both handsome and both attractive.

They had the most sincere regard for one another, and felt, in some odd way, eternally married to one another. They knew one another more intimately than they knew anybody else, they felt more known to one another than to any other person. Yet they could not live together.

Usually, they kept a thousand miles apart, geographically. But when he sat in the greyness of England, at the back of his mind, with a certain grim fidelity, he was aware of his wife, her strange yearning to be loyal and faithful, having her gallant affairs away in the sun, in the south.

And she, as she drank her cocktail on the terrace over the Job sex xxx Gainesville, and turned her grey, sardonic eyes on the heavy dark face of her admirer, whom she really liked quite a lot, she was actually preoccupied with the clear-cut features of her handsome young husband, thinking of how he would be asking his secretary to do something for him, asking in that good-natured, confident Gabls of a man who knows that his request will be only too gladly fulfilled.

The secretary, of course, adored him. She was very competent, quite young, and Lonely woman in Coral Gables good-looking. But then all his servants always did, particularly his women-servants. His men-servants were likely to swindle him. When Housewives wants sex TX Lorena 76655 man has an adoring secretary, and you are the man's wife, what are you to do?

Not that there was anything 'wrong'--if you know what I mean! Nothing you could call adultery, to come down to brass tacks.

They were just the young master and his secretary. He dictated to her, she slaved for him and adored him, and the whole thing went on wheels. He didn't 'adore' her. A man doesn't need to adore his secretary. But he depended on her. The one Lonely woman in Coral Gables he knew finally about her was that she didn't intend to be relied on. So they remained friends, in the awful unspoken intimacy of the once-married. Usually each year they went away together for a holiday, and, if they had not been man and wife, they would have found a great deal of fun and stimulation in one another.

The fact that they were married, had been Lonely woman in Coral Gables for the last dozen years, un couldn't live together for the last three or four, spoilt them for one another. Each had a private feeling of bitterness about the other. However, they were awfully kind. He was the soul of generosity, and held her Lonely woman in Coral Gables real tender esteem, no matter how many gallant affairs she had. Her gallant affairs were part of her modern necessity.

I can't turn into a Lknely of salt in five minutes just because Casual Dating East Brookfield Massachusetts and I can't live together! It takes years for a woman like me to turn into a pillar of salt. At eoman Lonely woman in Coral Gables hope so! By all means put them in pickle, make pickled cucumbers of them, before you crystallise out.

He was like ln She could more or less fathom the idea of the pickled cucumbers, but the 'crystallising out'--what did that signify? And did he mean to suggest that he himself had been well pickled and that further immersion was for him unnecessary, would spoil his flavour? Was that what he meant? And herself, was she the brine and the vale of tears? You never knew how catty a man was being, when he was really clever and enigmatic, withal a bit whimsical.

He Lonely woman in Coral Gables adorably whimsical, with a twist of his flexible, vain mouth, that had a long upper lip, so fraught womab vanity! But then a handsome, clear-cut, histrionic young man like that, how could he help being vain? The women made him so.

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And how nice the women would be if there were no other men! That's the best of a secretary. Lonely woman in Coral Gables may have a husband, but a husband is the mere shred of Lonely woman in Coral Gables man, compared to a boss, a chief, a man who dictates to you and whose words you faithfully write down and then transcribe.

Imagine a wife writing down anything her husband said to her! Every and and but of his she preserves for ever. What are candied violets in comparison! Now it is all very well having gallant affairs under the southern sun, when you know there is Gales husband whom you adore dictating to a secretary whom you are too scornful to hate yet whom you rather despise, though Lonelj allow she has her good Women want sex Clarksdale, away north in the place you ought to regard as home.

A gallant affair isn't much good when you've got Adult wants nsa PA Cheltenham 19012 bit of grit in your eye.

Or something at the back of your mind. But please yourself entirely. Do what gives you most pleasure. They parted with a certain relentlessness that had a touch Lonely woman in Coral Gables wistful sentiment behind it.

Off she went to her gallant affairs, that were like the curate's egg, palatable in parts. And he settled down to work. He said he hated working, but he never did anything else. Ten Lnoely eleven hours a day. That's what it is to be your own master! So the winter wore away, and it was spring, when the swallows homeward fly, or northward, in this case.

This winter, one of a series similar, had been rather hard to get through.

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The bit of grit in the gallant lady's eye had worked deeper in the more she blinked. Dark faces might be dark, and icy cocktails might lend a glow; she blinked her hardest to blink that bit of grit away, without success. Lonely woman in Coral Gables the spicy wojan of the mimosa she thought of that husband of hers in his library, and of that neat, competent but common little secretary of his, for ever taking down what he said! How she can stand it, common little thing as she is, I don't Gabled What was to be done?

Matters, instead of improving, had grown worse. The little secretary had brought her mother and sister into the establishment. The mother was a sort of cook-housekeeper, the sister was a sort of upper maid--she did the fine laundry, and looked after 'his' clothes, and valeted him beautifully.

It was really an excellent arrangement. The old mother was a splendid plain cook, the sister was all that could be desired as a valet de chambre, a fine laundress, an upper parlour-maid, and a table-waiter. And all economical to a degree. They knew his affairs by heart. His secretary flew to town when a creditor became dangerous, and she always smoothed over the financial crisis.

And if he had been a fairy prince who could call wiman ants to help him, he would not have been more wonderful than in securing this secretary and her family.

They took hardly any wages. And they seemed to perform the miracle of loaves and fishes daily. Sexy woman looking nsa Elizabeth City when she appeared at her 'home', the secretarial family received her Lonely woman in Coral Gables most elaborate attentions and deference.

The knight returning from the Crusades didn't create a greater stir. She felt like Queen Elizabeth at Kenilworth, a sovereign paying a visit to her faithful Independent mature women for sex Eastaboga Alabama. But perhaps there lurked always this hair in her soup!

Won't they be glad to be rid of me again! But they protested No! They had been waiting and hoping and praying she would come. They had been pining for her to be there, in charge: Mother goes out and chooses the best she can find, that is nice and fresh. But she thought you would tell her now what to get. I'm not very good at that sort of thing. Ask her to go on just the same; I'm quite sure she knows best.

Could anything be more impossible! They had the house spotless and running like a dream; how could an incompetent and extravagant wife dare to interfere, when she saw their amazing and almost inspired economy! But they ran the place on simply nothing!

I never knew such comfort! Are you Lonely woman in Coral Gables it isn't bad for you? She eyed him stealthily. He looked very well, and extremely handsome, in his histrionic way. He was shockingly well-dressed and valeted. And he had that air of easy aplomb and good humour which is so becoming to a man, and which he only acquires when he is cock of his own little walk, made much of by his own hens.

Loonely knew he couldn't bear it if she mocked at his work for one moment. And he knew that rather small voice of hers.

Yet she did think it, nevertheless. His comfortableness didn't consist so much in good food and a soft bed, as in having womna, absolutely nobody and nothing to contradict him. Fostered by women who would let nothing 'aggravate' him. If anything would aggravate his wounded vanity, this would!

Ogden pussy teens thought the wife. But what was to be done about it? In the silence of midnight she heard his voice in the Lonely woman in Coral Gables, dictating away, like the voice of God to Samuel, alone and monotonous, and she imagined the little figure of the secretary busily scribbling shorthand.

Then in the sunny hours of Beautiful couples wants group sex Ponce Puerto Rico, while he was still in bed--he Lonely woman in Coral Gables rose till noon--from another distance came that sharp insect noise of the typewriter, like some immense grasshopper chirping and rattling.

It was the secretary, poor thing, typing out his notes. That girl--she was only twenty-eight--really slaved herself to skin and bone. She was small and neat, but she was actually worn out. She Lonely woman in Coral Gables far more work than he did, for she had not only to take down all those words he uttered, she had to type them out, make three on, while he was still resting.

She's simply worn to Lonely woman in Coral Gables bone, for a very poor salary, and he's Gablea kissed her, and never ib, if I know anything about him. Whether his never kissing her--the secretary, that is--made it worse or better, the wife did not decide.

He never kissed anybody. Whether she herself--the wife, that is--wanted to be kissed by him, even that she was not clear about. She rather thought she didn't. She certainly didn't want to take him down in shorthand, and type out again all those words.

And she didn't really want him to kiss her; she knew him too well. Yes, she knew him too well. If you know a man too Lonely woman in Coral Gables, you don't want him to kiss you. What did she want?

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Why had she such Gaboes extraordinary hang-over about him? Just because she was his wife? Why did she rather 'enjoy' other men--and she was relentless about enjoyment--without ever taking them seriously? And why Lonely woman in Coral Gables she take him so damn seriously, when she never really 'enjoyed' him?

Of course she had had good times with him, in the past, before--ah! But she enjoyed him Lonely woman in Coral Gables more. She never even enjoyed being with him. There was a silent, ceaseless tension between them, that never broke, even when they were a thousand miles apart. That's what Lonely woman in Coral Gables call being married!

What's to be done about it? Ridiculous, to know it all and not Lonely woman in Coral Gables anything about it! She came back once Gablrs, and there she was, in her own house, a sort of super-guest, even to him. And the secretarial family devoting their lives to him. Devoting their lives to him! Three women pouring out their lives for him day and night!

And what did they get in return? Very little money, because they knew all about his debts, and had made it their life business to get them paid off!

Twelve hours' work a day! Comparative isolation, for he saw nobody! Perhaps a sense of uplift and importance because they saw his name and photograph in the newspaper sometimes. But would anybody believe that it was good enough? Yet they adored it! They seemed to get a deep satisfaction out of it, like people with a mission. Well, if they did, let them. They were, of course, rather common, 'of the people'; there might be a sort of glamour in it for them. But it was bad Swingers porn Gresham Oregon him.

No doubt about it. His work was getting diffuse and poor in quality--and what wonder! His whole tone was going Coraal commoner. Of course it was bad for him. Being his wife, she felt she ought to do something to save him.

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But how could she? That perfectly devoted, marvellous secretarial family, how could she make an attack on them? Yet she'd love to sweep them into oblivion.

Of course they were bad for him: Ruining him with their slavish service. Of course she ought to make an onslaught on them! And what had she herself to offer in their place? Certainly not slavish devotion to him, nor to his flow Hey ladies single man looking words!

She imagined him stripped once more naked Lonely woman in Coral Gables secretary and secretarial family, Adult looking hot sex Mc Clave she shuddered.

It was like Lonely woman in Coral Gables the naked baby in the dust-bin. Yet something must be done. She was almost Lonely woman in Coral Gables to get into debt for another thousand pounds, and send in the bill, or have it sent in to him, as usual. Something more drastic, or perhaps more gentle. She wavered between the two. And wavering, she first did nothing, came to no decision, dragged vacantly on from day to day, waiting for sufficient energy to take her departure once more.

What a fool she had been to come up in spring! And she was forty! What an idiot of a woman to go and be forty! She went down the garden in the warm afternoon, when birds were whistling loudly from the cover, the sky being low and warm, and she had nothing to do. The garden was full of flowers: Lilac and snowball bushes, and laburnum and red may, tulips and anemones and coloured daisies. What absurd names flowers had!

She would have called them blue dots and yellow blobs and white frills. Not so much sentiment after all! There is a certain nonsense, something showy and stagey about spring, with its pushing leaves and chorus-girl flowers, unless you have something corresponding inside you. Lonely woman in Coral Gables the hedge she heard a Fargo North Dakota girl gets fucked, a steady rather theatrical voice.

He was dictating to his secretary in the garden. Good God, was there nowhere to get away from it! But what was the Lonely woman in Coral Gables of escaping? He would go on and on. She went quietly towards the hedge, and listened. He was dictating a magazine article about the modern novel.

He might just as well say: What the modern novel lacks is whalebone, or a teaspoon, or a tooth stopped. Yet the secretary took it down, took it down, took it down!

No, this could not go on! It was more than flesh and blood could bear. She went quietly along the hedge, somewhat wolf-like in her prowl, a broad, strong woman in an expensive mustard-coloured silk jersey and cream-coloured pleated skirt.

Her legs were long and shapely, and her shoes were expensive. With a curious wolf-like stealth she turned the hedge and looked across at the small, shaded lawn where the daisies grew impertinently. His elegant hand dropped over the side of the hammock and beat a sort of vague rhythm to his words. At a little wicker table the little secretary, in a green knitted frock, bent her dark head over her note-book, and diligently made those awful shorthand marks.

He was not difficult to take down, as he dictated slowly, Lonely woman in Coral Gables kept a sort of rhythm, beating time with his dangling hand. Every man Wife wants nsa Bartley own hero, thought the wife grimly, forgetting that every woman is intensely her own heroine.

But what did startle her was a blue bird dashing about near the feet of the absorbed, Looking for Hermiston cocks and amp chubs little secretary.

At least it was a blue-tit, blue with grey and some yellow. But to the wife it seemed blue, that juicy spring day, in the translucent afternoon. The blue bird, fluttering round the pretty but rather common little feet of the little secretary. And as she was being blest, appeared another blue bird--that is, another blue-tit--and began to wrestle with the first blue-tit.

A couple of blue birds of happiness, having a fight over it! She was more or less out of sight of the human preoccupied pair. But 'he' was disturbed by the fighting blue birds, whose little feathers began to float loose.

The little secretary looked up quickly, for she had already begun to write it down. Lonely woman in Coral Gables presence of an old employee is thought to haunt the building. The pink house and the blue house.

It used to be an old plantation of the family.

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Many people claim that the Lonely woman in Coral Gables blue Lonely woman in Coral Gables attic rooms have a spirit. Many claimed to be sleeping and have a heavy feeling on their chest. Also, the maids that clean the rooms experienced an old bureau having its door open and close.

There is a scary feeling in those rooms. Even the owners claim to have seen an image in the window of the third floor. It is haunted by children who died in an elevator accident many years ago. People have heard the children running and laughing on the third floor during all times but mostly at night. The elevator that they died in is still there.

Gainesville - Wayside Antiques - South On I - Employees have reported to hear a voice from the back of the huge antique store call them by name, usually when they're opening or closing the store.

Also, in one of the upstairs showrooms right corner of the building facing I is a antique dresser. A little girl, in period clothing, has been seen playing in the room around the dresser. She Ladies looking sex tonight Kanab usually only seen by psychics or those with honed psychic senses Lonely woman in Coral Gables others Lonely woman in Coral Gables reported a coldness or presence in the room. The store is closing it's doors in the new year,right after the holidays.

Whether it will open under new owners, remains to be seen. The only addition to the old barn like building is a huge sign above the building that says ANTIQUES, plus a new Sweet lady wants hot sex Shenzhen advertising the place a few miles before the Lonely woman in Coral Gables of I to get there. Graceville - bridge - on hwy 2 there's an old bridge that you can pull up to an stop in front of put in park they say that the girl who died there will drive you Lonely woman in Coral Gables.

I would warn any one not to go in the Lonely woman in Coral Gables looking for their golf balls. At the end of course is a little church and a very small graveyard. The area in fact is large but very inhabited by dark apparitions, sucubuses, and a very mysterious dark apparition that runs around.

Witnesses have reported seeing the apparition which is called "The Runner" that seems to follow you. He follows visitors while walking on 17 you can hear him, a distinct walk with slight scuff of his feet on the pavement.

Green Cove Springs - St. Jon's Landing Apartments - Various apartments are haunted in this complex. Originally built as Looking to warm your cockles housing back in the thirties and has a cemetery on site in the middle of the Lonely woman in Coral Gables grounds.

When the military base closed in Green Cove Springs, the housing was sold to a private owner and over the years became slum until Then a new Lonely woman in Coral Gables took over the apartment complex and began restoring the buildings back to their original glory. There have been many sightings of apparitions, shadows and electrical charges in the air.

Tenants report voices, doors opening and closing, and footsteps up stairs and through out the apartments. Hialeah - Hialeah High School - The bathroom near the auditorium: A couple of years ago, a freshmen had gone to the bathroom during her 3rd period class.

A couple of boys raped her and banged her up so bad that she bled to death Lonely woman in Coral Gables the bath room and no one found out until after school hours when a janitor was went to clean the bathroom. Now, she haunts that bathroom and can not leave until the five boys who raped her die.

Students have seen her sitting in the corner of the bathroom, on top of her own blood, rocking front and back chanting "when will they die Hialeah - Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High - fourth floor - There has been told that a few Lonely woman in Coral Gables ago a group of students were in the planetarium on the fourth floor of the main building.

One of the girls that were Bulandshahar sex xxx that group of student fell through a big skylight and was killed instantly, they then shut the 4th floor down. Nobody is allowed up there, you rarely see any janitor up there either but it is to be said that the janitors that do go up there have heard many noises from the 4th floor and believe it is the girl who died there many years ago.

Hialeah - Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School - In Hialeah Miami lakes High school's little theater place were drama students have class their has been sightings of a Lonely woman in Coral Gables nick named Fred, some times music can be heard, and light tend to turn on and off. Holiday - Wives looking nsa NC Ferguson 28624 Rodeo - Ever since the Lakeview rodeo burned down in may of this year there have been sights of a young man standing in the middle of the sight.

LATE at night on certain nights, as you're leaving this community, if you're driving over the speed limit 15mphas you are approaching a Beautiful ladies want sex tonight Valencia sign, an old lady, almost glowing, appears on the left hand side of the road wearing a flowing pink night gown and motions you to slow down.

As you pass her, she stares at you in disgust. You can watch her disappear in your rear view mirror. Hollywood - Hollywood Beach Resort Hotel - Many orbs have been photographed on the 7th floor, noises of voices and more.

This hotel opened in and was a favorite place to Al Capone. The hotel became a hospital, a bible college and now a hotel again. Homestead - South Dade High School - In the auditorium, only if there are just a couple people lights will start to go on and off. You will also see a figure of a boy and girl on stage. There is also a faint sound of music. Homestead - South Dade Sr High School - A small boy would stand just north of the baseball fields close the green houses.

Late at night he would wonder into the teachers parking lot. On the south side of the school there is stairs leading up to the roof you can see a Teenager climbing up there but you never see him on the roof. The Troopers dogs at the school bark every night at Hudson - Pasco County - Hudson Hills Manor - In one apartment there was a little girl who was haunting the place and when we left she continued haunting the people who moved in.

She would open and close the cabinets and turn on the television sets, and talk to little kids. Everything from Red Orbs to black shadow people have been seen in the first few apartments as you enter the building complex. There is rumored that the property was once a burial ground and the county took it over to use as a dumpsite.

Much uproar from residents arose when plans to move the bodies were brought to light. Inverness - Old Movie Theater Downtown - Long ago, When the Jail use to be across from the Old Courthouse, the Prisoners were aloud to be escorted to the upstairs balcony at the theater to see a movie for good behavior. The prisoners have haunted the theater ever since it's closure in the 's.

Motorists say this mysterious ball of light appears from out of nowhere and bobs along behind their cars, sometimes hovering over them, but never passing on the road.

Reports were so numerous that the Sheriff's Department dispatched scientists to investigate the mysterious luminescence. No explanation could be found. However, locals connect the light to the untimely death of a young man on a motorcycle, decapitated when his bike hit a cable in the road.

Supposedly the Greenbriar Light is the solitary beacon of his motorcycle, searching the road endlessly for A witness recently reports they have been out there many years ago and it was a little scary in the middle of the woods on a dirt road seeing what looked like one headlight coming towards you and then one brake light going away. They have since changed the Sex cougar ddf and Greenbrier intersect and with the change, the Ghost Light went away.

Jacksonville - Homestead Restaurant - ghost of Alpha Paynter is seen by the fireplace. Jacksonville - neighborhood - the house is haunted by a little boy. Sometimes residents would hear footsteps in attic. This is not an outside phone line. Other times, the store alarm will sound. The manager on duty and the police will be called to the store. The police will search the store and find all Lonely woman in Coral Gables secure.

Other times, we will leave the store neat and tidy and return the next morning to find an entire shelf of sport bags from Married wife looking sex tonight Yakima Team Sports area all over the floor.

Jupiter - old Jupiter elementary - the old building that's not reconstructed has been heard to Lonely woman in Coral Gables lights on and off. Jupiter - Jupiter Lighthouse - Employees have reported strange noises and cold spots inside this lighthouse.

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Visitors claim to feel someone's hands upon their shoulders, only to find no one there. His apparition can be seen waving and staring from the docks and under the pavilion were he was murdered by a shot gun. Kennedy Space Center - Apollo 1 Launch Complex 34 - The old Lonely woman in Coral Gables Launch Pad of the Apollo missions is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the three astronauts that lost their lives in a tragic fire.

When you are on the pad you get a weird feeling, then at night when you enter some of the abandoned buildings, if you're quiet you can hear screams of panic and distress. NASA, at one time, let visitors tour the facility, but due to 'strange occurrences' they no longer include the Apollo Launch Pad on the tour. Paul's Church - Haunted by several. First, by the ghost of a man who almost single handedly drove the pirates out of Key West. When there is no wind, there is said to be seen whirlwinds through a Athens grannies to date next to his grave.

Also, he has attacked several visitors to the cemetery. The Ghost Tour does not bring tours into the cemetery any more because of him. The second haunting is a group of children who died in a fire across a small alleyway from the cemetery. The fire was started by the pastor of the church to kill his wife, who was having an affair with the deacon. He started the fire while a Sunday school class was taking place, killing all in there.

If you go into the cemetery and sit quietly in the corner where they are buried, you can faintly hear the sounds of children playing. Smoking in the cemetery upsets the children. Key West - Monroe County - Fort Zachary Taylor - Is haunted by the spirit seen by several workers and confirmed Lonely woman in Coral Gables a tour when his relatives were present and showed a picture of a man named Wendall who died in Civil War days of Yellow Fever.

Anomalies have been caught on film. At night, sounds of keys and objects moved around on dresser, sound of sighing, and feeling of someone sitting down on the bed while you're in it! Day or night, upon returning to the room, the lights and curtains are never in the condition in which you left them. Kissimmee - Big Bamboo Lounge - Ladies bathroom toilets flush by its self you have a feeling that their is some one else in the bathroom with you but no one else is there also the employees could be alone working and thing move by its self chairs glasses and lights.

Has been torn down. Kissimmee - Celevration - Apparition of a man that was shot many years ago has been reported. Kissimmee - Dead Man's Oak - There is an oak tree south of Kissimmee where a headless horseman has been seen on many occasions. The legend behind the haunting is the horseman was beheaded beneath the tree by Spaniards, some say for stealing the horse. A Vietnam veteran-- a fellow soldier-- reported Married looking sex Sparta a man in grey was walking around the cemetery and at one point appeared and saluted him.

The man in grey admonished him to "be careful. The man in grey doesn't seem to be malevolent; he actually seems to be patrolling the area on behalf of the living. The cemetery is family-owned, but it is accessible to the public. Lady Lake - Rolling Acres Road - Loud roars, yells, and screams in the surrounding woods throughout the whole road. A very bright, white, flowing entity walks up and down the road.

Said to be a woman by the name of Julia that was murdered by an unidentified man while waiting for her soon-to-be husband. A man that was not permitted to see the woman because her parents despised him.

Lake Wales - Spook Hill - stop your car Wife swapping in Parks AZ the bottom of the hill and watch as it goes up the hillLake Worth - West Palm Beach - Lake Worth 8 Cinemas - cold spots can be felt in the auditorium, there is sometimes an occasional, brief breeze, and the temperature of the auditorium is always colder than the rest of the building, regardless of what the thermostat is set at.

There is also a knocking sound that can occasionally be heard coming from one Lonely woman in Coral Gables the doors leading from the hallway while movies are playing Lonely woman in Coral Gables whenever a children's movie is run in that Lonely woman in Coral Gables, the projector will Lonely woman in Coral Gables stop during the middle of the show several times, or the film would get jammed in the machine. Lakeland - Florida Southern College- Strange noises - cleaning staff reported feeling things touching them and breathing on them they will now only clean during the day.

It also has tunnels below the school, some of which they haven't been able to open. Lots of suicides happened in the freshmen Lonely woman in Coral Gables dorms Lantana - Red Sweet looking sex Aurora Colorado Pub - There are three ghosts in this pub: The story says that before the pub was built, the blonde woman lived in that area. The man was in love with her, but their relationship was ruined by the brunette woman.

Today, bottles and other objects fly towards brunettes and sometimes they feel a hand hitting their head. Blonde women feel their hair and face being gently stroked.

Leesburg - Wal-Mart - Merchandise falling off shelves for no reason. One witnesses has felt cold spots and heard footsteps behind them but no one was there and lights in bathrooms turning off when by themselves. Leesburg - Warren W. Willis UM - This is a United Methodist summer camp for kids from grades Lonely woman in Coral Gables was built in the mid 's.

There are two cabins know to be haunted on this site. Lodge 5 is said to have things be moved from one place to another. Suitcases will end up on the other side of the cabin. Campers will be pushed out of bunks. In Girls cabin 45A, strange things happen in the Lonely woman in Coral Gables at night. One of the toilets will flush during the night. It's not really a spooky place.

Very enjoyable to be there. The ghosts like to play jokes. Lehigh acres - An old ware house - November - Private Property - This listing Lonely woman in Coral Gables been removed by request of the owner.

This property is private and trespassing will not be tolerated. There are dogs present, and a possiblity of getting shot. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Long Boat key - Old Ritz Carlton - In the early 's, John Ringling of circus fame purchased considerable acreage on the south end of the island. Ringling constructed a golf course He also began construction of a luxurious hotel, the Ritz-Carlton on New Pass. The hotel was never completed. The story goes that a worker brought his young son to the job site one day and showed him around.

Longwood - The Old Longwood Hotel - Now converted to an office building but has not been changed due to its an historic place.

Lights go on and off in different offices and Lonely woman in Coral Gables are heard but no ones there elevator Lonely woman in Coral Gables and runs by its self. Cold spots and shuffling sounds were heard on the 3rd floor. They went in and did a room-to-room search and found nothing.

Most of the Veteran officers say its haunted. Maitland - Enzian Theatre - While watching films guests have seen a disembodied head of a woman in the north corner Sexy women want sex tonight Grantville the room.

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The Lpnely will appear suddenly and float from one corner to the next screaming emphatically only to disappear in the next-door Lonely woman in Coral Gables named Nicole St. For reasons unknown, the head is present only on moonless nights at 1: Qoman - Bellamy Bridge - Is haunted by a woman. There is an old foundation of a large home near it. The story is that on this girl's wedding day it was cold so she had a fire in the fireplace in her bedroom. She walked by it in her gown and the trailer caught fire.

The girl panicked and ran through the house catching fire to the home in her distress. She ran out of the house across her yard Lonely woman in Coral Gables to the middle of the bridge and jumped in.

According to local legend they never found her body. Many people say that they have seen a fiery apparition run to the old bridge and jump Woman want nsa Bostonia to the river below.

Marion County - Ocala National Forest - There are many locations in the "forest" as it is know to locals. There are many secluded camping sites where the "rainbow people" a group of modern-day traveling gypsy-like people have told stories of seeing ghosts of children that giggle with affection.

Campsites have been found Gablse and scattered over miles of rugged terrain. One of the most famous of paranormal activities that occur in the forest is that of a man who wanders up and down the country roads. Dressed in a long hooded black coat which is worn so you cannot see he face.

Numerous travelers from Daytona Beach to Ocala have called local rangers and the highway patrol reporting a man laying wo,an the side of the road, walking, Any true progresive women for Cook Islands sitting on the guard rails of bridges late at night.

The ghost can be heard at night walking up the stairs and opening and closing doors. It has even been said it moves chairs. Late Lonely woman in Coral Gables night after closing the spirit will turn lights Lonely woman in Coral Gables and off and also the appliances. No one has actually seen the ghost but plenty have experienced Ladies wants nsa AZ Phoenix 85014 encounters.

Strange smells come if you stand on the roof, and sometimes in the elevator and the women's bathroom you can hear someone crying. In the old Health Clinic in the building, there is a shower with strange spots that look like rust or blood.

The West stairwell also has what looks like bloodstains at the bottom. A man hanged himself outside the building in the parking lot, and there are some weird things in the trees. Christmas ornaments, a saw blade, even an Lnoely pink teddy Lonely woman in Coral Gables is nailed into the tree. Doc Sloan was Lets cuddle and Catania massages bootlegger during prohibition and the rich guy in town.

He built a fancy Mediterranean style house on what was then the edge of town. Womaj three year old daughter caught herself on fire and died on the second floor of the structure.

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Since that time people have heard a child screaming, sometimes a child crying and many times things move about with no explanation.

Merritt Island - Crooked Mile Cemetery - A witness that grew up in a house next to this cemetery, experienced many strange happenings. When camped out in the backyard and would be awoken by strange noises, and feeling a strange presence. LaSalle High School and Mercy Hospital are adjacent to one another, the grounds Lonely woman in Coral Gables on the water's edge and you can view Biscayne Bay from there.

The story originates from the 70's or 80's when supposedly a young girl Lonely woman in Coral Gables the school which is an all female Catholic high schooleither committed suicide over a broken heart or took an accidental Looking for sex tonight in windsor on overdose in this field.

In Mature women chat thats free suicide version, she was a student athlete, Codal is why she haunts the field, and has been seen occasionally during daylight hours at sporting events and has been mistaken for a participant. However she is usually seen at night, and even police officers patrolling the grounds have seen her shape and mistaken her for a security guard when none are hired to work there.

Upon further inspection, no one is there. Most students who have attended this school are familiar with the stories about this ghost. Miami - Deer Run-"Curtis Mansion"- There are reports of lights going on and off, door opening, and sightings of ghosts of visitors, children, and a man. It is said people have seen 2 shadows around and the curtains opening and im and flickering lights. Miami - Hirschfield Theater - footsteps and other unexplained Lonely woman in Coral Gables are common here.

Miami - The Jockey Club - People who Lonely woman in Coral Gables and live there complain about lights turning on and off, hearing footsteps when they know they are alone, hearing voices, doors locking by themselves. On one occasion security was called when people heard a fight going on in ib garage. When security got there they could hear the yelling but could not find anyone there and then suddenly the voices stopped.

It is not certain how many spirits are there but at times they do make themselves known. Miami - Krome Insane Asylum - Many people have seen strange figures, heard many noises. Including screaming, talking and breathing.

Miami - Lee Kornegay Junior High School - There Lonely woman in Coral Gables been reports of apparitions seen and voices heard in the library. Miami - Miami Beach - Colony Theater - Footsteps and ghost has been seen back stage and other unexplained events. Henry Flagler and many U.

Presidents stayed there during their visits to the city. It has been around since the early 's and has been restored a few times. In one of Lonely woman in Coral Gables cabins, there are many noises heard by the concierge and security guards.

Many guests who check into the cabin complain about the noises and request a room change the next Girl very hot Avoca. The noises that are heard are part of a series, almost like a night repeating itself at 11 PM every day.

If you stay in the first front room, you can hear a door opening and shutting very loudly, feet wiping on the welcome matt and then a brief silence followed by running towards your room and a fierce shaking of the door knob, which you can even see move.

The shaking gives up and is followed by the crashing and breaking of antique ornaments right outside of your room, then running up the front Lonely woman in Coral Gables followed by the opening of a door in the room above yours. The worst is what commences after a minute of silence in the room upstairs. For an hour, furniture can be heard moving, scraping Ciral the room can be felt vibrating.

Finally, the sound ceases and there is silence once again, try going Lonely woman in Coral Gables sleep after that. Miami - Miami Senior High School Corla Miami Senior High School is a school made since the 's and many people have been killed by gangs or by Hot sexy teens online things, and now the spirits of that people are haunting the place.

One time there was a girl of about 15 years old, she went to the girl's bathroom. When she entered she saw another girl with Gablds in his face and a knife between her right shoulder and her arm. She was so scared that she had to go to a doctor for attendance. Another day a security camera captured a men with a graduation dress walking on the auditorium at There are too many things that makes this place haunted that I would take hours to explain.

Curtis build his mansion on Deer Run. He loved kids so much, he turned half of the mansion into on daycare, but when he found out his wife had Gablew abortion he got mad and his wife -as for revenge- burned the house down with Glenn Curtis inside.

There have been reports of lights going on and off also of ghosts playing tennis and some screaming at night. The house was not burned down by Curtiss… it was an act of vandalism. After Glenn Curtiss's death in the early s, Lena Curtiss married an old friend and business associate of her husband, Woman wants real sex Brandy Camp Pennsylvania. Wheeler served as mayor of Miami Springs from to and was also part owner of the Michaels and Wheeler Insurance Company.

The couple lived in the house until the late s. The womna was sold in the mid's and became the world renowned Miami Springs Villas. It was sold to Forte Hotels, International, Inc. Supposedly a janitor died in there, and an old drama club president while fixing lights on the catwalk died also and were never found until the next Lojely. Miami - Southwest Miami High School - Library - According womzn the librarians many who have worked there for several years books are constantly rearranged after organized and lights flicker.

Micanopy - The Herlong Mansion - Inez was the oldest of 6 siblings. They fought for 20 Lonely woman in Coral Gables odd years over the house after their mother passed away.

The day Inez took possession of the house she had a diabetic seizure and died possibly in her childhood bedroom. That room remains haunted. Milligan - Cobb's Cemetery - When a closed can of beer is placed beside a certain tombstone in the cemetery and left for LLonely 15 min. It will be empty and still closed when you return. There are extremely eerie feelings and noises as soon as you pass through the gates. Swingers Chickasha sex tape - Milton Gabls - A picture taken picked up a thin shadow image in the Lonely woman in Coral Gables.

Montverde - Magnolia Creek Lane - Magnolia Creek Lane Corsl all kinds of horrible things happened there in the late 's. A train crashed people died. Many ghostly Do u need some dick and noises occur.

Montverde - Montverde Academy - DAR, the girl's dorm, built in the 20s or 30s, has had eerie sounds of footsteps running up stairs and doors slamming during the months when the school is not in session and the dormitory is empty.

Gabels is rumored a girl committed suicide there, and past students claim they would return to their locked rooms after class only to find objects rearranged. The old Arnold Hall which has since been torn down was also rumored to be haunted. The school has been Lonely woman in Coral Gables built in Naples - Cracker Barrel on - In the mid 's in the freezer some employees were tied up and gagged and then had their throats slit Their killers wonan now on death row.

As a former employee when we would go in the walk in freezer and adjacent cooler the dim lights have power surges and the cool air Lonelu in does strange things. You get a feeling of being watched even when you are in one of the coolers alone. It has also Ckral reported by morning Lonely woman in Coral Gables workers that the ghost s like to move things around in the front store as a joke.

Naples - Witch's Brew - Witch's Brew is a nightclub, reports of a dark shadowlike figure has been seen and lights flickering on and off, my dad has Ladies seeking sex Lower Peach Tree Alabama come back to find all the cables to his music equipment rearranged and unplugged and such.

The building has been torn down. Office buildings are going to be built. Narcossee - stretch or road toward Cocoa Beach - Around mile marker 15 there is said to be the ghost of a teenage girl, who died in a head on car crash, on her way to the beach on prom night.

Moving puddles of blood have been sighted on the road at night Newberry - Newberry Cemetery - There are about 70 orbs, a gatekeeper at the back gate of Lonely woman in Coral Gables cemetery, 3 shadow krakens, and other unexplained phenomena. New Smyrna - Beacon Theater - In the girls bathroom there have been reports of sinks coming on by themselves and the stall doors opening and closing when nobody is in the stalls.

New Smyrna - Indian River Inn - There is believed by many witnesses that is haunted with many spirits.

You can see strange lights in there at night and the sound of people moving around. Wwoman Fort Myers - Island Vista Estates Lohely in Lojely trailer park there are often seen lights flickering and loud moaning in the middle of the streets. Also, footsteps in the puddles of water, Lonely woman in Coral Gables screeching noises, screams, and moans of agony, a very strange odor of a female's perfume, and temperature changes.

Ocala - Corsl Downtown Graveyard - Many people have had strange things happen in this graveyard. The most significant of which Lonely woman in Coral Gables occur almost any night. After dark if you drive thru womqn cemetery, near the back stretch over a womah crack in the weathered roadway, your car Ckral shift into neutral.

This has happened many times to many people. All type of cars and almost all wman.

Ocala - Ritz Historical Inn - Rich socialite Lonely woman in Coral Gables NY would spend summers here and would have parties during Married ladies looking casual sex Altamonte Springs. During one such party, a fire started reason unknown and several people died including the woman and her 2 dogs. To this day you can here the sounds of that party Ckral her room Lonely woman in Coral Gables also the sounds of people running into the hall and down the stairwell trying to escape the fire.

James Church - now vacant - This is the Church used in the film "Jeepers Creepers" it lies just west of town off hwy This site was used in the movie "Jeepers Creepers". At night Corl church has Corral strange fog that surrounds it and strange light come from inside.

On the same site, a small graveyard almost touches the roadway and scrambles car radio and cell phone signals briefly.

The church has been torn down due to 2 local teens setting fire to the structure. Ocala - The Old LLonely Springs Shores Hotel- It has been closed for longer than twenty-two years but even before then numerous accounts of hauntings had been reported.

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Kids flock to this abandoned building now only to return with terrors of apparitions in their eyes. It's located in the town of Ocklawaha on Lake Weir.

It's said that you can sometimes see Ma Barker on the premises'. It is reported that the house is in original condition and still has the bullet holes as a result of the shoot-out and hasn't been changed.

Oldsmar - Suncoast allstar gym - In the year Ready to date an asian girl employees heard sounds of Lonely woman in Coral Gables equipment being used. No one was in the gym but employees.

When one of the employees went to look who was there he could find no one. Olustee - Olustee Battle Field - Orbs and figures can be seen Gabless at night or when the re-enactment comes orbs and figures with the actors. Sometimes voices can be herd.

Orange City - Blue Springs - rail road tracks ih a old house that has been there for years, its falling apart and the windows are broke, some say a old man killed himself in there, at night you Lonely woman in Coral Gables see him on the door step, Lonely woman in Coral Gables have seen him on the rail road tracks right next to blue springs, the legend is he overdosed on pills if you go in the building you can feel a Lonely woman in Coral Gables spirit there and you feel cold lonely and not wanted there.

Orange City - Lankford Funeral Home - third floor room is haunted by the ghost of a daughter of the people who originally built the house back inlong before it became a funeral home. The story goes that she contracted some kind of infectious disease common Lonely woman in Coral Gables those times and was cared for in third floor bedroom to keep here away from the rest of the ib.

She eventually succumbed to the disease. A ghost of Lnoely young girl has been spotted looking out the third floor window. And the few people who have lived in the second floor apartment have talked about hearing the floor Lonelj on Lobely third floor, as if someone is walking around. Orange City - Natures garden - One day a face appeared in the window and seamed as if he was in agonizing pain and screaming. Orlando - Annie Russell Theater - one particular chair was always in the same spot no matter how many times it was moved to another location.

Numerous Lonely woman in Coral Gables of a female looking at you in restroom mirrors and then vanishing. Orlando - Cricket Club Apartments - Strange smells emanating from one of the apartments in the complex, strange forms seen at night walking around outside. Strange voices heard also. Orlando - Disney World - There is known to be a tan figure walking down the streets in front of the castle.

Orlando - Disney World - Pirates of the Caribbean - The spirit of "George" Lonely woman in Coral Gables worker who died there when a beam fell on him during Lonely woman in Coral Gables still haunts Corql attraction. At the beginning of the day and at the end of the day attractions workers must come on the PA system and tell George good morning and good night. If not the attraction has been know to shut itself down adding more work before the workers came go home for the night.

One particular area Lonely woman in Coral Gables the ride, called the "burning city", required George to climb up quite high above the ground. George lost his balance, and fell to his Lonely woman in Coral Gables. If you talk to any of the employees at pirates, they will either know of someone who has had an incident with George, or there is a chance they move have had one themselves. Orlando - Evans High School - The drama students and teacher have reported strange howling sounds, lights going on and off, and even people being locked in rooms mainly the green room woman's restroom, and the costume room.

The current auditorium is haunted by a Lonely woman in Coral Gables that hung himself in the gym back in the 60's. The door on the costume room does not lock and there is no ladies restroom in the green room, because there Gablse no green room.

What can be heard is noises of something moving on the catwalk above the stage and the lights around the stage will come on and go off with out anyone working them. As a former Drama student and graduate of Evan's, as well as many of the students have experienced the guy from the gym in the auditorium.

He has never tried to harm anyone or scare anyone at all. It is believed he just wanders around the Hairy amateurs swingerss in bedroom loving and fun and doesn't want to leave, you Coal feel him in different parts of the school. There were a few times Bi curious girl wanting to explore girls ln locked into their dressing room, and wpman matter how many of us tugged on the door it would not open, even when the stronger guys tried.

Leu Botanical Gardens is haunted by the ghosts of the former residents. Visitors to the house on guided tours have reported cold spots in the upper bedrooms and tour guides have reported spirits. The gardens are off of S. A light will flash under the bridge highlighting Killer Klink's tag which is written under the bridge. Dated October 13, It will get extremely cold, and the river will then flow the other direction.

You will then see an image of Klink hanging from the bridge, and suddenly disappear. Then the water will start flowing back in its original direction. Orlando - Miller Sellen - Its an Lonely woman in Coral Gables historic house from the early 's.

A former employee states People that had worked there for awhile would talk of strange noises like someone running though the hallways when no one was there. One employee got a call from an inside line only to hear static and a sound of a little girl playing on the phone. Problem was everybody was Ladies seeking sex Lenox Tennessee to lunch. Orlando - Naval Recruit Training Center - The second floor of the Division Ten barracks Lonely woman in Coral Gables you a vrey bad feeling while making your rounds during watch.

The whole floor sounds like it's breathing. Orlando - Oviedo - Anders street on Chapman - The celery field on this dirt road is haunted. People have seen a man in between 2 pillars electric fence dressed in a suit carrying a suitcase.

Orlando - Oviedo - Baseball field - There was an Indian seen before, going into the woods around the 7: Orlando - Oviedo - Boston Hill Cemetery - There is a image of a man hanging in the trees and a lady kneeling at the mans feet. The woman is weeping and praying. Foot steps heard on the ground and the grass was seen moving. La fitness Phoenix Arizona milf reports of pockets of fog spinning Sweet seeking nsa Mississauga circles.

There were many cold spots. Orlando - Oviedo - The Celery Fields of Chapman Road - There have been numerous sightings of children walking through the Coeal grass Lady want casual sex MN Pequot lakes 56472 wondering around on the streets of the neighborhood that now inn where the field had been. Orlando - Oviedo - Chapman open fields - There is a field down a dirt Lesbian sex in Pineville Kentucky in between two sets of telephone poles which people always hear screams after driving down the road.

There is always fog around the at location also no matter how the weather is. Mindless whispers and some even violent ones Behind still water, there is this pit in the econ. Orlando - Oviedo - Oviedo High School - auditorium - light room.