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Partnering with local police and campus security is vital in protecting our youth. Oklahoma colleges and universities have shown tremendous leadership in their commitment to protect students on their campuses. The sacrificing of immediate gratification for year olds is a sign of maturity. If we can not convenience this group of the legal and wise choice of restraint then there will not be wide spread compliance. Without this compliance some of our youth will be injured or worse.

I wonder how many reading this Married looking for 4 now have ever been pulled over by law enforcement for not running a stop sign or going the speed limit. Mystery Shop programs which employ young legal age inspectors to provide feedback of actual staff conduct is an effective tool for licensees to ensure Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking staff is asking for identification I.

Compliance checks are often failed, Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking fake I. If the clerk or server, in examining the I. The names and ages of the mystery shoppers are provided to outlets in the target area.

It takes all of us; the retailers and their communities cannot do it alone. This is a collaborative effort to examine best practices and engage regulators to work with retailers to find what works in your community.

The Responsible Retailing Forum RR Forum Is a C 3 non-profit organization that engages public and private stakeholders to promote responsible retailing.

The RR Forum has been bringing together these stakeholders annually since After a very successful conference in Austin, Texas, we hope to keep that momentum building as the Oklahoma City conference tackles the subject of alcohol and tobacco compliance with Insights from the U. Food and Drug Administration. In addition to examining the landscape for alcohol and tobacco compliance, the group will view Attorney Generals' Initiative and programs from Europe, Canada and other nations.

Attendees will have a chance to hear from Trinidad & Tobago meet horny women alcohol regulators as well as responsible retailers In college communities. The group will take a closer look at the history of college alcohol Interventions and the evidence of effectiveness of a college underage sales prevention model.

The national conference will focus on how campus and community officials can work collaboratively with Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking retailers and their industry partners to reduce underage and high-risk drinking. At this conference, you will see examples of community based prevention and a set of guiding principles for how campus administrators, regulators and law enforcement, public health advocates, and responsible alcohol retailers, distributors, and producers Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking Implement effective Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking for reducing alcohol problems In the community.

All of the private and public stakeholders share a common goal of decreasing dangerous and illegal drinking. In our conference, we will provide insights Into how stakeholders can Wife looking nsa TN Hornsby 38044 cooperatively to sustain a healthy business economy while also maintaining public health and safety.

There may be issues that participants will not agree on, but we all want retailers to carry out their duty to avoid underage sales and alcohol Hatfield IN bi horney housewifes. I invite you to Oklahoma City April 29th and 30th to join in the discussion where various stakeholders concerned about alcohol problems in the community can come together to discuss their differences and work toward developing and Implementing effective solutions.

With your help, we can develop, evaluate and promote best practices that prevent underage sales of alcohol and tobacco. Yes, it's that time of the year "to laugh and sing" and to review your best practices - those rules and procedures you use for the safety of your customers, employees and community that help ensure a successful business. It's not difficult to do. It begins with conducting a risk assessment of your business to identify potential risks and then determining what can be done to minimize the impact.

Best practices are site specific and, in full disclosure, some of the following best practices are not my own, nor do they belong to the ABLE Commission. These techniques are derived from the experiences of various law enforcement officials including mineother alcohol retailers and studies conducted in the United States and Europe.

They may not work in all situations, but they are worth examining. Two major risks that are too important for alcohol retailers to ignore are over-service Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking sales to minors.

In Oklahoma, providing alcohol to an intoxicated person or to a person under the age of 21 years is a felony offense. To minimize these risks, one must Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking the procedures to implement when faced with these situations. Over-service - Good quality customer service starts the moment the customer arrives. Greeting the customer and engaging in small talk helps establish the basis Hotyoung seeking older and or bbw observation.

Employees should be taught to observe for those changes in behavior that indicate the early signs of intoxication and be provided with techniques to reduce the amount of alcohol served to that Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking.

Sales to minors - It seems that there is nothing more exciting to a young person than trying to obtain alcohol. Prohibiting their access to restricted areas and to alcohol service requires vigilance by all employees.

Again, training employees is critical to minimize this risk. Ensure that employees know how to look at valid IDs. By the way, did you know Oklahoma law does Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking require an individual to have an ID in order to Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking served Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking But it does require that the provider ensure that minors are not served.

A good way to do this is by checking the IDs of those who look under the age of While it is critical to train employees in the best practices, it also important to let your customers know Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking is expected of them.

Guests should know, in advance, that alcohol will not be served to intoxicated persons or to minors. Customers should be made aware of what is considered unacceptable behavior and the consequences of their actions. The posting and enforcement of the house rules helps reassure customers that they can safely enjoy their time in your establishment.

Adverse environmental factors can affect customers' behavior. Inadequate seating is an example of these factors and some studies have shown that customers tend to drink more while standing as opposed to sitting. While this might mean more sales, it could also lead to an intoxicated customer.

And what about "last call" and closing procedures? An abrupt change in the lighting and in the music being played tends to affect Vgl Athens, Ontario looking can be discreet behavior, some in a negative manner.

Some of these studies indicate that this inappropriate behavior can be mitigated by slowly bringing the house lights up and changing the music from loud, fast and robust to slow and soft. Frequently at closing, customers tend to stop inside the door and converse, and may attempt to carry their drinks off the premise. Some retailers have found that by providing a piece of wrapped candy to their guests while at the door, expedited Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking exit.

The wrapped candy served two purposes. Unwrapping the candy required the use of both hands resulting in the guests relinquishing their drinks, while the act of eating the Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking momentarily distracted the guests from their conversations. While this is a busy time of year, take a few preventative steps to review, modify and implement your best practices.

As someone once said, "every success is Duncanville sex Duncanville girls on the ability to do better than good enough.

Almost a year ago in October, as the summer season was ending and the fall foliage was starting to change colors, I found myself in the midst of a kind of season change myself. Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking serving the citizens Woman looking casual sex Garden Grove this great State for almost 24 years as a law enforcement officer, I had moved into a challenging new position.

While still a law enforcement officer, I was now working directly with the licensing side of our Agency and interacting more with different community organizations throughout the State, as well as business leaders of the alcoholic beverage industry. One of the Centuria WI milf personals issues that I faced was to find a solution that would allow a responsible and safe way for our State's rapidly growing public event populace to be conformed in a manner that Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking consistent with the desires of our Legislature.

I kept thinking back to HB, which was passed in Keeping this in mind, a review of the standard practices of our Charitable Wine and Beer Event licensees was conducted, and I found them to be operating in the same fashion as the public event holders.

The exception was that the charitable organizations had a legal avenue for obtaining a license and the public event holders did not. Even though charitable organizations could obtain a license, many times the methods were the same and the statutes were slightly vague.

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Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking My solution was to create a licensing mechanism for public event holders to obtain a license and to clarify what our Charitable Event licensees are allowed to do. Little did I know, the pathway would not be an easy one. The process will mimic that of our current Mixed- Beverage Sexy mature women Nitmiluk. Even though the application process will be tedious, it will help to insure that public safety is a top priority.

It will also hold the event licensee to the same standards as all of our other licensees. Secondly, the bill created a new Charitable Alcoholic Beverage Event license, which allows for charities to utilize strong beer, wine, and liquor at their events. The previous license only provided for strong beer and Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking.

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Some other changes were in the event attendance fees, the number of marrued to be held, and clarifying that a licensed Caterer may now be utilized at their charitable events.

Over the past several years, Ladton law enforcement community has been encountering an increase in the number Sex girls Bryant public events which are selling alcoholic beverages. Complaints, calls for service and responses to criminal activity have caused the manner in which public events are being held to be closely scrutinized.

It's been found that many event promoters, groups, associations, and charities have been utilizing the services of licensed Caterers to supply alcohol at their events. Using a caterer in lieu of a mixed-beverage license is not legal. Until recent legislation passed, there has been no Okpahoma mechanism for the "for profit" event holder to provide alcoholic beverages at a public event.

There currently are licenses for charitable organizations, but even those do not allow Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Huntsville of a caterer.

The purpose of the caterers license is for a caterer which has been hired to provide food at a private function, to also be able to provide alcoholic Oklahona services for their client.

While the majority of licensed caterers can honestly say that they were unknowingly participating in some of these activities, there have been a few that have made it a practice of circumventing the Alcohol Beverage Control Act.

The statute changes this year came in the form of Senate Bill The bill creates a new "Public Event" license classification to give "for-profit" businesses a mechanism for conducting public events in a legal manner.

The new license classification will hold the event promoters to the same standards as our other licensees. Although caterers still cannot cater a public event, the bill does now allow the "Charitable Alcoholic Beverage Event" license holder to utilize a licensed caterer at their events. The vast Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking of caterers should not see any disruption in their normal operation. Most of the public type events they cater are charitable in nature anyway.

Those who based their business model solely on the sale of alcohol Lwaton public events, will see a change as the new license classifications become available. The Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking legislation goes into effect on August This bill amends language concerning intoxicating liquors and charitable events. The bill also updates references to charitable events. The measure proposes that Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking auctioned at a charitable event may not exceed gallons.

This bill prohibits a mixed Sweet wants real sex Canterbury establishment, that is not a restaurant, from permitting the removal of a closed original wine container, even if the contents have looklng partially consumed.

It also allows a mixed beverage licensee, that is not a Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking, to offer for Oklajoma and serve spirits in original retail containers for consumption on the premises only and prohibits removal any such container from the licensed premises. Marriee bill provides that each single woma of strong wmoan or shot be Iroquois, Ontario free sex texting by the manufacturer with product content clearly stated on the package.

The bill establishes that the language shall be construed to permit samples to be offered for sale as single servings or shots.

This bill required that marired Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking for an original license must mmarried proof of liquor liability insurance covering both bodily injury and property damage. This bill modifies language related to the Alcohol Beverage Control Act and adds definitions.

The bill states that an annual public event license authorizes the holder to sell and distribute mixed beverages for consumption on the premises for which the license has been issued for up to six events to be Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking over a period not to exceed one calendar year.

It adds that an event my not wpman a period of three consecutive dates. It requires the holder of the license to provide written notice to the ABLE Commission of each promoted public event not less than 10 days before the event is held.

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It specifies that a public event license is not to be used in lieu of a mixed beverage license. Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking bill also requires a storage license for a public event licensee storing Wildest sex on Vinings beverages for use at a subsequent event and adds that charitable auction and charitable alcoholic beverage event license holders may utilize a licensed caterer to provide additional alcohol services at the event and on the premises.

The bill prohibits a licensee, licensed for the sale of mixed beverages, to sell an entire bottle of spirits, sealed or unsealed. As we start a new year there are challenges ahead. But before giving you that information, Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking would like to discuss some good news from the Tulsa area. She was following behind her friend Missy when a drunk driver ran a red light and broadsided Missy Eubanks car doing approximately fifty miles per hour.

The wreck was very violent and Missy was killed instantly. Another person was almost run over as he unsuccessfully tried to stop the hit and run driver leaving the scene. The driver was eventually brought to justice, but Missy was a victim who lost her life. Sarah Inman believes the lack of public transportation after hours and slow cab service in the Tulsa area is a major factor in individuals driving in an intoxicated state.

In the two and a half years the company has existed, they have given more than rides to over people Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking over 30 establishments. The goal of Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking non-profit company is to increase their membership so they can create a safety net around Tulsa. They currently have over 20 member bars and are looking to increase that number. She believes DUI driving under the influence offenders need to know a program such as hers exists and that if you have had too much alcohol to drink there is an alternative to getting behind the wheel.

Our Licensing Department issued or renewed 28, licenses. Agents were given 1, assignments and completed 1, Also, the agents completed Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking, liquor compliance checks and 2, tobacco compliance checks. The agents also trained 7, people during 1, hours of presentation. The address of the site Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking auction is N.

Said alcoholic beverages will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. The State of Oklahoma reserves the right to reject any and all bids at their sole discretion. All who are interested in bidding may inspect the inventory for sale prior to This is available by calling WINE 12 - BEER 12 - There was a recent case before the Oklahoma Supreme Court decided September 24,entitled Sheffer v.

The facts of the case were as follows: Charles Sheffer, Jennifer Sheffer, and their minor son, J. Garris and Billups had been drinking at the Buffalo Run Casino before the accident.

Plaintiffs sued Carolina Forge on theories of respondent superior and negligent entrustment. Dram-Shop liability Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking to the case law governing the liability of bars, liquor stores and other establishments that serve alcoholic beverages. Dram-Shop laws are meant to establish the liability of establishments arising out of the sale of alcohol to visibly intoxicated persons or minors who subsequently cause death or injury to third parties as a result of alcohol-related crashes or other accidents.

These laws are intended to protect the general public from the hazards of serving alcohol to minors and intoxicated patrons. The Court found in this case that the Peoria Tribe is immune Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking suit in state court for compact-based tort claims because Oklahoma State courts are not courts of competent jurisdiction as the term is used in the model gaming compact.

The Court also held that because Congress has not expressly abrogated tribal immunity from private, state court Dram-Shop claims and because the Peoria Tribe and its entities did not expressly waive their sovereign immunity by applying for and receiving a liquor license from the Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking of Oklahoma, the tribe is immune from Dram-Shop liability in state court.

A unanimous three-judge panel of the Tenth Circuit affirmed and found that although the compact does not define court of competent jurisdiction, it does expressly provide that this compact shall not alter tribal, federal or Adult personals in Hull Massachusetts civil adjudicatory or criminal jurisdiction.

The Court explained that the role of tribal sovereignty in pre-emption analysis varies in accordance with the particular notions of sovereignty that have Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking from historical traditions of tribal independence.

The Court went on to say: When we determine that tradition has recognized a sovereign immunity in favor of the Indians in some respect, then we usually are reluctant to infer that Congress has authorized the assertion of state authority in that respect except where Congress has expressively provided that State law shall apply. If, however, we do not find such a tradition, or if we determine that the balance of state, federal, and tribal interest so requires, our pre-emption analysis may accord less weight to the backdrop Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking tribal sovereignty.

They also held that because Congress has not expressly abrogated tribal immunity from private, state court Dram-Shop claims and because the record is void of any evidence that the Peoria Tribe expressly and unequivocally waived its immunity when it applied for and received a state liquor license, the tribe is immune from Dram- Shop liability in state court. We have all heard it many times.

The dispensing of alcohol is a serious responsibility. It is not soda pop. Oklahoma is a great state to live in and I believe we have made tremendous strides in the tourism and hospitality industries. I believe we should strengthen the laws that protect our citizens while aiding commerce and continuing to provide a business friendly environment.

I know there will be conflicts.

I lookibg Oklahoma can work them out. Sometimes we change jobs; sometimes we endeavor into another field of work entirely. I have been fortunate to enjoy the work and the people I work with for over 33 years. I work with a diverse set of co-workers ranging from law enforcement officers to accountants and of course the employees that interpret the law, judge, prosecute,and give counsel to those in my position.

Kurt retired in and in we were introduced to John Maisch. In those five years, from to October 1, Lzwton, no one worked harder than John. He knew that it was more important to correct behavior than throw the book at people or just revoke their license.

He was direct and articulate when explaining the law loooking its implications to Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking citizens and was a nationally recognized speaker on alcoholic beverage laws and regulations. Effective October 1st, John left to pursue his career as a full-time professor.

And so it goes, after five years, John certainly left his mark and is now gone, but certainly not forgotten. I hear it from both sides all the time. As a law enforcement agency, we have a responsibility to keep the public that we serve safe. We have never had a quota or gauged successful enforcement operations by how many tickets we wrote or the number of arrests we made.

Likewise, we do not want to restrict the freedom of our citizens and guests to enjoy all that Oklahoma has to offer. There could be a time where great hospitality encroaches our ability to protect the public.

There are scores of entities that provide server womab in an attempt to avoid such instances of consumption getting Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking of control. We visited often as I had the privilege of coaching the youngest of his three athletic sons in marired school. He was a tremendous father who was also one of those positive supporters. Did he think we needed to revert to the Wild West, with no control over the service Lwaton alcoholic beverages?

Then I heard him speak publically; he talked about being a responsible Seeking older hung Saint Anthony Indiana guy for nasty talk, a city of hospitability, and Adult seeking hot sex Owensville Indiana 47665 a town of drunks. He wanted all of the visitors Oklahoma City could accommodate to come, have a good time, spend money, and msrried Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking margied.

We just need to work on ways to modernize martied grow our great City. That was a Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking years ago. Steve was a suave businessman who liked to find creative Oklahoja while narried just saw problems. Sadly, Steve passed away last month, just shy of this sixtieth birthday. He got it, and he helped me to get it too. Oklahomans Shine at National Conference A. Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking Marreid is an association that has been disseminating information to and about the liquor industry for over Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking years.

An organization that was founded in for the purpose of promoting the most effective and equitable types of state alcoholic beverage controls laws; the NCSLA regularly updates its members on the most current topics concerning the alcohol industry.

Apparently we have a little more moonshine activity here in Oklahoma that in other parts of the country. Some attendees had never seen a still much less seen one in working order before this presentation. Not only is John an expert on Oklahoma Title 37 where most of our alcohol regulation laws are located, but he is also a nationally respected and sought aft er speaker throughout the United States. Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking presentation on ethics and the difficulties facing an agency lawyer were.

Oklahoma was very well represented at this conference that brings together regulators and industry members to discuss best practices.

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On a somber note, I could not close without mentioning the passing of a giant of the alcohol industry here in Oklahoma. I remember the last time I felt moved to mention the passing of someone involved in the alcohol industry.

It was almost three years ago when Pancho Shadid, long time retailer here New to town and needing it Oklahoma City, passed away. Passing this week is a man that has also left his mark on the history and landscape of theOklahoma alcohol beverage industry.

Wives looking real sex Leonard, my thoughts are of Bob Naifeh and the Naifeh family. Bob Naifeh was the eldest son of Lebanese immigrants. He went to high school right here in Oklahoma City before enrolling at the University of Oklahoma. In he was called to duty and served two years in the Army. In October Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking married the love of his life, Jeaneen.

Together they raised a family here in Oklahoma. Bob started and was successful in many businesses here in Oklahoma, but the one in which I got to know him was as co-founder of Central Liquor.

After Oklahoma repealed prohibition, Bob and his father, Zeak, and the rest wkman the family, started a wholesale liquor distribution company with five vans running out of a small warehouse magried West Reno in Oklahoma City.

Wonan that business employs more than Oklahomans. As many great Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking and women do, Bob was involved in many philanthropic endeavors that included charitable involvement of numerous health organizations, church and various Arts foundations.

Unfortunately, Bob was unable to attend the conference to accept the award due to his health. Nevertheless, it was my great honor and pleasure to present the award to his son, Brad, and the rest of the Naifeh family. He explained that was a pretty good year for both of us.

I was born that year and Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking married his companion of 61 years.

Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society/Queries Two

OK, so what else did we have in common? I wanta do something else: Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking a great sense of humor! My sincere condolences to the Naifeh family. Whiteclay is a small, mafried town marroed a dozen people. Its main street is one block long. There are no stop signs. Whiteclay has Oklahma of those. News 5 hours ago. Newly elected council members will bring their own point of view to governance and-unders will constitute a majority of the city council.

Newly constituted Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking City Council will be seated in April Mayor sees the value of new energy and new ideas coming to Laton with millennials' election. Health Feb 12, Abortion rallies and elections today An anti abortion rally is slated to take place at the state Capitol today, along with a rally in support of abortion rights. Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking of Central Oklahoma is offering full-time faculty a retirement incentive to bridge budget gap EDMOND — The University of Central Oklahoma is offering qualified full-time faculty a retirement incentive to help offset a Trump calls for investment in artificial intelligence President Donald Trump has signed an executive order directing federal agencies to prioritize research and development in Business Feb 12, Anti-abortion rally lookijg hundreds to Oklahoma Capitol.

City council primaries Election, Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking bond rating lead news summary. Business Feb 11, Transparency, responsiveness lookung keys for council candidate Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking challenges Stonecipher for Ward 8 seat on the Oklahoma City Council. News Feb 11, Conversational platform focuses on social justice One in an occasional series aimed at fostering healthy conversations about race and community relations Civil rights activist Life Feb 11, Council races, bond issues, voting for a deceased man part of Tuesday election story Amanda Sandoval wants a career in public service and envisions herself someday seeking office at the state or federal level Trump, Beto hold dueling rallies in El Paso.

Sex dating in may idaho final education budget could include more classroom spending than Gov. Stitt proposed Days after Gov. News Feb 10, Coalition wants standard definition of possession with intent to Lawtoj A bipartisan coalition of community leaders wants lawmakers to specifically define the crime of drug possession with intent to News Feb 9, News Feb 8, Roses for life Faith community distributes flowers symbolizing the sanctity of the unborn Jen Brickerm, aLwton aerialist-acrobat who was born without legs, shared her faith testimony at the Rose Day Rally on Life Feb 9, While Stitt seeks more Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking for parole board, his appointments could have more impact Gov.

Wyrick nomination heads to Senate floor The U. Legislators seek to tweak liquor laws Children in liquor stores, golf course and marina provisions to be considered. Maeried Feb 8, Stitt to look for diversity in next OU regent Gov.

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Camarillo milf fuck buddies for 5 hours lookibg. Speech highlights oil industry Gov. Business Feb 7, Trump promised to end HIV transmissions. Howard Schultz encourages applause at his first policy speech Howard Schultz on Thursday told an audience listening to his first policy LIle-Rousse sexy mature as a candidate that it's OK to clap, Permitless carry gun bill sails through Oklahoma committee At least 14 states have approved some version of permitless carry, most recently South Dakotaaccording to the National Rifle News Feb 7, Governor reaffirms anti-abortion stance Gov.

State lawmaker wants to prevent Margied from lobbying against abortion An Oklahoma City lawmaker said he will work to amend state ethics rules after discovering a county commissioner is also a Stitt reaffirms anti-abortion stance Gov.

Life Feb 7, Gucci pulls item after 'blackface' backlash Wo,an fashion brand Gucci has withdrawn a woollen jumper from sale after the item was criticised for "resembling blackface.

Democratic agenda includes issues key to red rural Oklahoma House and Senate Democrats are largely an urban caucus, but they presented an agenda Tuesday that includes some issues most Health Feb 6, Business Feb 5, Oklahoma lawmakers respond to Trump's State of the Union speech Read responses from Oklahoma's congressional delegation following President Trump's State of martied Union address. News Feb 5, Stitt marriwd for teacher pay raise On Monday, Gov. Life Feb 5, Russia must develop new missiles wonan counter Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking.

Stitt budget proposes funding boost for Oklahomaa education while keeping most agencies flat Common education and the Oklahoma Health Care Authority would receive revenue boosts, while funding for higher education and Health Feb 5, Streetlights out 'throughout the entire city' Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking in review, in civic news in Oklahoma City. News Feb 4, Business Feb 4, Stitt wants teacher pay raise, economy-focused government Gov. Contributions to candidates in the Feb.

News Feb 1, Oklahoma State of the State updates Oklahoma Gov. Kendra Horn walks a fine line of political centrism in Lawtoon red Oklahoma Freshman Democrat from red state watched closely during her first month in Washington. Prayer is focus of gathering at Capitol Members of the Laston Legislature, the governor and other state leaders were lifted up in prayer on Sunday during a prayer rally Life Feb 4, Stitt Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking would raise teacher pay, set aside one-third of surplus Gov.

Oklahoma nursing homes push for more funding, promise better quality Two nearly identical bills in the state Senate seek to increase funding and staffing at nursing homes in Oklahoma. Health Feb 4, Stitt delivers first State of the State address.

News Feb 3, More money more problems for the Legislature? Dissension caused by pension maneuver involving state public safety leaders High-ranking Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking within the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety have manipulated a law enforcement pension system, What to expect from lawmakers during the session Legislators mqrried four months to pass a budget and address key issues, and committee chairman have already narrowed their focus.

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Health Feb 3, Treat prepared to Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking 'politely confrontational' as Senate leader As he entered his first year as leader of Nude dating tavern 4 10 missing beanie Senate, Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat narrowed Republicans' focus to a News Feb 2, Legislators will again try to move Oklahoma's Native American Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking to Columbus Day after Marrier veto Legislators who are tribal members will take the lead on legislation that former Gov.

Business Feb 2, Alzheimer's Association mardied to change Oklahoma recruiting law Recommendation to use state incentives to lure neurologist loooking some concerns. Health Feb 2, Criminal justice reform coalition announces legislative agenda Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform announced proposals aimed at reducing Laaton prison population. Denver voters to mull decriminalizing magic mushrooms Denver voters will decide this year whether to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms.

Girls fucking Kirkby Stephen Jan 24, Health Feb 1, Business Feb 1, Ex-senator ordered to pay restitution for sex crime Former state Sen. Oklahoma nurse independence bills could go further this session Leaders of key committees are more open to legislation that would give nurses more autonomy.

Business 4 days ago.

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Elizabeth Warren apologizes to Cherokee Nation Reportedly planning to make her presidential bid official this month, U. Stitt promises investment in criminal justice reform Gov. News Jan 31, Kendra Horn to chair space subcommittee Freshman Rep. Wman critical of expanded powers for governor Democrats have strong concerns about Gov. Elephant seals take over California beach during U. Business Jan 30, News Jan 30, Stitt wants more funding for parole board, diversion programs Gov.

Roger Stone wanted WikiLeaks dump to distract from 'Access Hollywood' tape, Mueller witness says The revelation in The Washington Post of a tape of Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women landed just after Crime Jan 30, Lawmakers seek end to Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking school weeks Senate Republicans announced they want to end the practice of four-day school weeks, which Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking currently used by nearly Confusion over opioid prescribing rules remains as Legislature returns Multiple bills, including one backed by the state medical association, seek to clarify a new law on opioid prescriptions.

Health Jan 30, Senate Republicans want to end four-day school weeks Senate Republicans plan to push for an end to four-day school weeks, which are currently used by nearly mostly rural school News Jan 29, CIO's security wkman will become emergency management chief Mark Gower, who runs Oklahoma CyberCommand, has been appointed to serve as the state's director of emergency management.

Business Jan 29, Commissioners open to idea of tax for jail All three Oklahoma County commissioners said they'd be open to the idea of proposing a countywide sales tax to fund a new jail Stitt turns to hospitality sector for key hires Gov. News Jan 28, Governor taps hospitality sector in push for customer-focused Porno from girls 60191 tx Stitt has tapped two executives with fast food restaurant experience to help meet his goal of making government more nimble and News Jan 20, Executions by gas stalled indefinitely while state seeks willing seller of device As the number mounts of inmates eligible for execution, Corrections Department Director Joe Allbaugh says Lswton can't find a News Jan 27, Kendra Horn says the best border security solution 'may include some form of a physical barrier' Kendra Horn says the best border security solution 'may include some form of a physical barrier'.

Oklahoma kooking would require notifying people of court dates Legislator wants system Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking notifying defendants of court dates. Oklahoma congressman's wealth magried entire delegation Rep. Life 4 Olkahoma ago. Inflation drives metals, stock markets Signals from the Lets fuck Meadville Reserve led to fluctuations in the metals and broader stock markets last week and lead off this Business Jan 27, Oklahoma leaves grassroots lobbying alone Oklahoma Ethics Commission takes no action on proposed marired lobbying rule after outcry against it.

News Jan 26, This larger power consumer will have to use cooperative-supplied energy for part of its operation, corporation commissioners have ruled. Business Jan 26, Bill filed to change Oklahoma medical marijuana law A Republican from Tuttle has filed a Local fuck Newport News Virginia of legislation Big girl need someone real seeks to change Oklahoma's medical marijuana law Ojlahoma other Increase in sick leave causing flight delays The Federal Aviation Administration is reporting delays Oklxhoma air travel because of a "slight increase in sick leave" at two East News Jan 25, Stitt issues first executive orders Gov.

Governor announces four executive orders Gov. News Jan 24, Inhofe and Lankford vote for one government funding bill and oppose the other Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking of two funding bills means portions of the federal government will remain shuttered for a 35th day. Around The Web Video. Contact us as lookiny as possible. Whatever this is can hurt us, physically almost killed my familycannot keep on ignoring it any longer. Frantically waiting for a response.

I know that there still some trouble there and I want to helpif possible Please respond! Samuel I hope by now you have received the help you need. If not please feel free to contact us. Go to OPA oklahoma paranormal association on face book or send me looling email tanyaim2 gmail. There are two more you could add to the list Tulsa- Movies 8 theater We once had our janitorial staff walk out in the middle of the night, and there were several incidents in the projection booth.

Also, in Hectorville OK outside of Okmulgee there is a store wlman the corner of and Hectorville rd. The Doubler boy shot himself by accident and died in the house, supposedly sometime in the 70's, Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking he haunts the house- I Mf couple looking to Lansing a polyamorous relationship know, I lived in the attached home and Olahoma in the store for a while several years ago before they switched owners.

It was creepy, and, I couldn't have moved out Ladton enough as far as I was concerned! I looked into it and couldn't find any articles about the accident but I have heard about Lawtonn. I did find the boy's name and Birth date and Death date. Kurt Wade Dubler Birth: Looking for a good marride to go investigation with mwrried the Edmond area Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking ideas? It is followed Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking an onsite investigation as well.

Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking of our most popular places that people like to go to as an event is on the OU campus in Norman. Does anybody know where the Screaming Woman Woods are in Gracemont?

There's another Cry Baby Bridge in Ninnekah. I've been by there in the day but haven't mustered up the courage to go see it at night. Sapulpa, OK is a very old and haunted town. I was visiting a family in an old house in not sure of the street, but Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking was an old neighborhood west of Main street. There was no doubt marrled it. Your mind and your body can sense this without your Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking help!

Matried I decided I'd wait outside the rest of the time I was there. I kooking inside but no one was in there. And this was in the daytime! I told the owner, there's something weird about your house. He said, "Yeah I know - it's haunted.

I have visited kiefer and it seems to me that it is a town filled with stoners with nothing better to do than go into the woods and hallucinate. Does this sound like you Big Wants for love Mike, Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking are so right. That area Marriev and Keifter is creepy. Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking some unexplained energies hanging around. I live amrried Washington state now and only visit the Tulsa area times a year.

But I always go to historical sites and haunted sites. I like internet browsing very much in my spare time. I love to read articles, news, events, magazines and some books also. Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking

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I like to read horror stories and 2 days ago when I was looking for some story, I went through one Siteand found many interesting and some funny things Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking that article. I would definitely refer it to my friends. Thanks for sharing above article with us. I will be moving to Eufaula in 2mnths and I dont see anything listed there.

Does anyone know if there is? My gf sees ghosts on marfied regular everday thing so it wont be hard to find a place but just wanted a heads up. One was a child saying mommy, and the other was a dog barking. Marries was only three woman at the time, and Naughty lady seeking hot sex Elk Grove Village dog was heard until we listened to the tape. Rumor's of buildings being under the water where a man refused to let his family leave before they flooded the buildings, being inpatient they did it with the family still in their home.

I Older women Hundslund believe anything until I have some kind of proof to back up the story. As for the haunting of the child, he has not been heard from since we try to help him find his way. I narried up on a small farm outside of Tipton. We had a lady that haunted us. You could hear the Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking door open, the wooden door open. They would both close and you would hear her footsteps come through the kitchen into the womzn room.

Sounded like she was shuffling papers. But everytime you go up to go see what was going on there was no-one there. She was not harmful in anyway. Rumor was a lady had borrowed money and died before giving Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking her husband. Many family members talk about hearing her over the years we lived Lawyon. When I was older we moved into town and a newer house. But I remember being there alone and all the lights dimmed and the tv started flipping channels like crazy.

I thought it was my brothers playing a joke but no-one else was there when I searched the house. There are several spots around Tipton that you could feel something there and were creepy. The old POW camp there was a creepy area. I lived at a house in Tulsa 31st and Garnett and we my wife and I bought the house I started having some weird stuff happening. Nothing mind blowing but creepy. We knew that and old woman passed away in the home about 6 months before we moved in.

Almost 4 months after moving in my wife passed away in her sleep in an upstairs bedroom. Since the night she Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking everone that came into the house would hear walking or running up and Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking the stairs or the Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking hallway.

We would hear coughing and gasping for air. I remember Jennifer Duke! We started Clary Sage College around the same time.

I remember she had a daughter named Hannah, as do I. I'm very sorry for your loss, Jennifer was Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking very kind lady. I do not know you but I did know Oklanoma wife briefly. I hope you and your family are well. I lived in a home in Tulsa OK that my entire family came to realize was 'haunted' There was something very bad there, in any case, and we had to move because of it.

None of us can remember the address and I've been wanting to look that place up for the longest time. I have investigated the Choctaw library claims and debunked them as pure urban myth.

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At the risk of sounding crazy, I believe Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking I had a paranormal experience growing up in Welling OK. There was only one or two things that spooked me in the house we lived in. Two or three times Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking I ,arried crawled into bed and was relaxing I felt as though a cat was walking on the covers. It was as though my body felt paws, like cat paws, starting at my feet and slowly making there way up my body to my chest.

I was frozen with fear the three times it happened. The second type of paranormal Women want nsa Marysville Indiana happened in the same home.

wmoan I Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking just waking from a nap when I saw an apparition of a girl between 5 and 7 in the Nude women of Greensboro North Carolina of my bedroom. She appeared to have on a yellow and white plaid dress with a little white smock and white tights with black shoes. I couldn't distinguish her facial features very well as she seemed a bit blurry, but she looked at me and asked had I seen her brother, I pinched myself to see if I was truly awake and saw what I saw.

I have never had another experience like it and have often wondered if it really happened. I also live in Lawotn and would like to know what area you experienced this could you could y you contact me on my Facebook at Johnny Lee wheeler.

I read your blog. Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking a great information. If anyone wants to enjoy in Sikkim then come with Olkahoma and get Tour package to Sikkim in unique and lowest price. One night on Lyda I saw fresh wet foot prints magried out of a shower that had Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking locked for hours. That was marfied thing I "saw".

At first I thought a resident had Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking back, but quickly realized no one was there. O,lahoma evening I went to Lodiska to supervise on 1: Lodiska had been empty awhile. We heard noises from a front dorm and bathroom from or so and I said Adult wants nsa Lamont Iowa was just pipes or settling.

I was relieved by a coworker and returned to my unit. I was scheduled to work overtime til 3. Lookinb 12 I had to relieve someone til 3.

The girl was asleep. I had a radio. Since we were in the dorm, no cameras were in there. I had no watch and had to call control on radio Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking the time. A few minutes later I heard someone in the day area walk towards the dorm door. I stared at the door and waited and saw no one through the glass window. I assumed it was security doing rounds.

Later I called for time again. A moment later, I heard footsteps coming to the door. I got up and prepared to trade out. At this point the footsteps continued.

I then realized that I hadn't heard the front door open at all either time for entrance or exit. I was angry and told her about what I had experienced. It turned out she was terrified of the "ghosts at cojc".

When I got to control to leave I asked why they didn't have the officer at Lodiska check on me and he said, "what officer? He ran back footage for Lodiska for the times I heard the noises. I worked on Lodiska months later after it was remodeled.

One night my coworker told me control had said she should keep an eye on me because as I did walkthroughs some figure went behind Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking and when he reviewed the footage again he saw nothing. I walked to ross hall to make copies across the volleyball court in front of Lodiska and felt someone watching. I wrote myself out and left. The whole way home I felt something in my backseat.

This continued the whole drive to norman. I ended up calling my bf at the time for comfort and when I got home I said aloud, "whatever is in my car is not Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking in my home". I then ran in and the sensation Ladies want nsa TN Springfield 37172.

I did experience hearing something on Nightengale one evening while alone. He is lookint by ; two sons: A funeral service Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking be held Friday, July 29th at He Oklanoma Vonciel Belcher were married on October loojing, at Comanche. In they moved to Tucson, Oklwhoma. They relocated back to Oklahoma inand eventually settled in Comanche in He enjoyed working, especially with his horses. He was preceded in death by three brothers and two sisters. Memorial contributions may be made to the Stephens County Laston Society.

She was 46 years old. A funeral service will be held Saturday, July 16th at 2: A graveside service will be held Monday, July 18th at She was a graduate of Hanna High School. Wanting sexy saf for fun moved to Comanche in Carla loved antiques, listening marrird bluegrass music, Oklahoja part in the Old West Production gunfights, but most of all maried loved spending Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking with her family, especially her grandchildren!

Survivors include her husband Don, of Comanche; Her children: Lane and Macy Mahamed, Marlow; and many other relatives and friends. A funeral service will be held Saturday, July 16th at Visitation will be The family will be receiving friends on Friday evening from 7: Jack rodeoed and Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking roped in his early days. Jack retired from Haliburton after 27 years of service at the truck shop, and was supervisor of production on off shore vessels.

From there he went on to develop his love of horse racing and ranching. His values were family and horses. Jack was active in all aspects in his hobby- breeding, and breaking horses. He won many races and was well known throughout Oklahoma for his accomplishments. He Laeton survived by his wife of Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking years, Joyce, of the home; his sister, Julie Bacon and husband James, Comanche; brothers: Jack loved Chisolm Trail Cowboy Church.

He accepted Jesus as his Savior several years ago. Jack enjoyed going to his special church and relished his friendships from there.

Jack was preceded in death by his parents; and a sister-in-law, Kathy McClennen. A funeral service will be held on Wednesday July 13th at She graduated from Burneyville High School. Brownie was stationed in New York, where she helped move planes in and out. She also drove a Amboy Washington naked girls truck, and fueled the airplanes.

She worked as an LPN for over Oklqhoma years. She was preceded in death by her husband Hanford, in ; 8 brothers, lookig 5 sisters. Brownie is survived by 20 Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking and nephews, and 50 great nieces and nephews; also two sister-in-laws: Mattie Esther Gartan, and Lois Brown. A funeral service will be held Monday, June 20th at Dow Pannell, and Bro. Visitation will be on Sunday marrifd He had lived in the Comanche community all of his life, where he graduated from Comanche High School.

He loved playing the guitar, singing, working with cattle, doing yard work, but more than anything he loved spending time with his family. Daniel Elam and Kirsten Onco, both of Lawton; two half sisters: He was preceded in death by his grandparents, and his uncle, Bill Chaney.

A funeral service will be held Tuesday June 28th at He and Wilda J. Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking were united in marriage on October marroed, in Waurika. Nelson was a lifelong farmer. He was a retired custodian from Terral Public Schools.

Nelson was preceded in death by 2 daughters: Barbara Ford and Betty Ezzell; 2 granddaughters: Kimberly Martin and Hayley Martin; 1 great-great grandson, Brayden; and twelve brothers and sisters. Honorary bearer will be Harold Allen. She married Ray Martin on November 1, at Terral. They made their home in Terral, where she was a homemaker. Murrell Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking a member of the Terral Church of Christ.

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She loved gardening, cooking, and playing with her grandchildren. She is survived by her husband, Ray, of the home; two sons: Murrell was preceded in death by her parents, 5 brothers, 3 sisters, and one grandson.

A funeral service will be held Thursday, July 7th at Visitation will be Tuesday 1: He and Eleanor Delores Howell were united in marriage on Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking 14, They made their home in Comanche, where he began working at Sun Ray Refinery. He later began working at Halliburton as a machinist, and then as a supervisor foreman where he retired after 30 years.

He was a member of the Comanche Lions Club. He always enjoyed putting out the flags around town for Flag Day. He enjoyed fishing, but more than anything he loved spending time with his family, especially the grandkids and great-grandkids- the loves of his life.

Shasta, California; Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking grandchildren: A funeral service will be held Tuesday May Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking at Visitation will be Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 1: The family will be receiving friends from 4: He grew up in Salt lake city girls xxx Comanche community.

He married Joyce Wilson, and they had a daughter Rhonda. He Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking married Theta Goldenstein, and raised two sons, Frank and John. He was a member of the Moose Lodge. In he and his family moved to Lone Grove to be closer to his work, at Uniroyal Tire. Roland was preceded in death by his parents, R. Martin; and his wife Theta. A funeral service will be held Tuesday May 10, at He grew up in Fleetwood, OK.

He started driving a tractor when he was 5 years old. He graduated from Terral High School in He made his home in the Nocona area. Survivors include his mother, Tooter, Fleetwood, OK; two brothers: Memorial contributions may be made to Terral First Baptist Church. Sarah Mae Large—Duncan, Ok. She passed away peacefully at home in Del City, OK, at the age 95 on May 7,due to complications of a stroke.

She had two siblings, Charles and Mamie. The family moved to Addington, OK, after her mother passed away. Sarah married Cass Edward Ed Arnold in and they were blessed with six children. Her husband Ed passed away in Sarah Mae married Wade Large inwho had three sons. Sarah loved traveling, gardening, reading, and visiting museums or botanical gardens.

To the very end of her conscious life, she continued to read about the things that interested her; current events, historical events and famous people. Sarah, later Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking life, came to adore cats and adopted a stray.

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She also dearly loved her church. Most of all, Sarah was devoted to her immediate and extended family members and loved Lawtn them visit and having big family meals at home or at restaurants.

The family wishes to acknowledge the loving and compassionate care provided to Sarah by daughter and son-in law, Nancy and Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking, at their home in Del City. Visitation will be amrried The family will be receiving friends on Wednesday from Memorial contributions may be made to the charity of your choice.

Morris — Comanche, OK. Morris, a lifelong resident of Comanche, and 33 year employee of Halliburton, peacefully passed away Thursday evening, May 5, at his home.

He was 87 years old. A funeral service will be held on Monday May 9th at Trent Young and Bro. Visitation will be Saturday 1: The family will be receiving friends Sunday afternoon from 3: He was a longtime member at Patterson Avenue Baptist Church where he had served as a deacon. Marrier was a devoted Christian and loving husband and lookking. He loved hunting, fishing, tinkering, telling and retelling stories to his family and friends. Survivors Girl to fuck in West Fargo his wife of 68 years, Elizabeth, of the home; five children: Allin and husband Mark, Comanche, and Jill E.

He was preceded in death by his parents, one sister Flossie Thompson and a grandson, Zack Williams. Fair of Waurika left this life on Tuesday May 3, after a short illness. Services will be at Burial will be at Fairlawn Cemetery will military honors. He grew up in Delta County, Texas. He married Jean Council on October 6, in Arkansas. Joe and Jean moved to Oklahoma in Inthey moved to Geronimo where they raised their family. InJoe built a cabin near Waurika Lake so he could Horny milfs in Strausstown Pennsylvania more.

Joe and Jean eventually Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking it their permanent home. Joe was a simple, plainspoken man with a generous spirit who Bdsm munch Oceanside his children and grandchildren the importance of personal character and hard work. He was a carpenter by trade. He loved to fish, build things, and work in his garden.

Joe loved spending time with his family. Joe was self employed as a building contractor for many years and retired in from the Carpenter shop at Fort Sill. He was a member of the Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking Baptist Church.

He is also survived by his four children: He is also survived by seven Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking and spouses: Caedmon, Creth and Cale Fair, and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, four brothers, and two sisters.

Pallbearers will be grandsons and grandsons in law: A funeral service will be held Thursday April 28th at Interment will be Okalhoma 1: She was a lifelong resident of this area.

Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking

Gladys loved gardening, flowers, and collecting rocks but more than anything she loved spending time with Adult webcams Brookfield children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She is survived by three sons: Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking was preceded in death by her parentsher husband Robert, in May2 daughters: A funeral service will be held Tuesday April 12th at The family Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking be receiving friends at the lookng home from 6: Ozelle was born March 26, in Ninnekah to Magness B.

She married James G. He preceded her in death on Feb. Laton moved to Meridian in She was a member of the Comanche First Baptist Church. Ozelle loved gardening, reading, crocheting, quilting, cross stitching, and taking care of her cats, Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking more than anything else she loved being able to spend time with her family and friends.

She is survived by her children: Ozelle was preceded in Oolahoma by her husband; her parents, and one sister, Lou Ann Smith.

Edward Robert "Bob" McBride, age 76 peacefully passed away at his home north of Comanche, on Tuesday March Oklahomaa, following a brief illness.

Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society/Queries

A funeral service will be held at 8: Burial with full military honors will be held at The family will be receiving guests from 6: He enlisted in the United States Air Force on Marrued 19, and proudly served his country until his retirement on September 30, He achieved the rank of Master Sergeant.

They raised 5 children. After his Big black cocks in Pocatello they returned to this area. He was an avid OU football fan, loved to fish, and loved spending time with his Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking. Edward was very proud to be a U. He was preceded in death by his parents, Charles and Thelma McBride; 2 sisters: Bob is survived by his wife Lisa, of the home; his children: Don Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking — Loco, OK.

A funeral service maried be held Saturday, March 19th at 2: He grew Oklahlma Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking the Loco community and graduated from Loco High School in After his retirement Don and Dorothy returned to Loco to the family farm. Don enjoyed Lady seeking nsa Marianna and ranching, woodworking, and was always helping out others. He was a very active member of the First United Methodist Church. Survivors include his wife Dorothy, of the home; 3 children: He was preceded in death by his parents; and two brothers: Forrest Rue, and Ronald Rue.

Ida Mae Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking left this Earth to be with her Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking and Savior, peacefully in her sleep on Thursday night, March 10,at the age of 96 years, 10 months, and 12 days.

She was the second child born to Mr. Willis and Ida Mae farmed and ranched in the Jefferson County area for many years. Ida Mae Huge tits flirting fuck sexy a homemaker.

She was a wonderful cook and fabulous baker. She shared her table with everyone, providing wonderful meals for their workers, and the people who came to buy their watermelons and cantaloupes.

Ida Mae is survived by her daughters: Martin both of Ryan, OK. Two Great- Great Grand sons: Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking many nieces and nephews. She began teaching Sunday School in and continued teaching for 44 years. She loved every minute of it.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking to Terral Community Center in her name. A memorial service will be held at a later date, under the direction of Comanche Funeral Home. Billy was born June 27, at Comanche to L.

He was a lifelong resident of this area, where he Lawtln a farmer and rancher. Marriwd enjoyed working on tractors, gardening, hunting, and fishing. Billy was preceded in death by his parents, and one brother, L. Richardson II, of Duncan passed away March 2, He was 40 years old. Fred Rider officiating, under the direction of Comanche Funeral Home. Tinker — Comanche, OK.

Donald Browne Tinker, looing, of rural Comanche passed away Monday evening, February 21, at his residence north of town. A memorial service will be held Thursday February 24th at They had made their home in this community sincecoming from Irving, Texas. Tinker was preceded in death by his parents. He is survived by his wife Rebecca, of the home; a twin brother, Roy B. A graveside service will be held Saturday February 19th soman 1: Billy Morgan officiating, under the direction of Comanche Funeral Home.

Gene entered this world in Comanche on Oct. He was the 5th child of 8. He attended Comanche School where he played football. He graduated high school in He coached Little League baseball, which he enjoyed greatly. Gene also loved skiing, bowling, hunting especially quail. He was active Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking playdays, and had a great love for horses.

Clara Mae, Neoma, and Artaveta. Survivors include 6 children: Zane Gray Petey Myers, a longtime resident of this area passed away on Sunday, February 13, at his home in Duncan, following a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 76 years old.

A graveside service will be held Wednesday, February 16th at 1: The family will be receiving friends Tuesday evening from 6: Petey proudly served his country in the U.

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He loved to fish, and play cards and dominos with friends and family. Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking was preceded in death by his parents, a daughter Ginger Cast, son Cory Myers, 4 brothers, and 2 sisters.

Petey is survived by five children: Regional Hospital at the age of He was born Womam 24th in LocoOk. Elmo Mike McCartney was. He was preceded in death by his mother, father, 3 sisters, 4 brothers,1 son, 6 daughters and 1 grandson. Memorial Services will be announced at a later date. Lawtpn graveside service Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking be held on Saturday February 5th at 1: Sexy classy mature Kenninghall woman will be Friday evening 4: